ADJ 2524 - Introduction to Corrections

Spring 2013 (Section #3173)

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This course is a study of the origin, development and evolution of corrections in America.  It begins with historical and philosophical views of the development of corrections focusing on adult offenders. Later topics include administrative and operational components of corrections, criminals in confinement, post-adjudication procedures and community corrections. This course will provide the student with a broad view of the history, processes, systems, people and problems shaping the function and facilities that constitute corrections in America today.

The course objectives are:
The student will comprehend the relationship between society and the offender; will understand the philosophical basis by which offenders are treated; will learn the historical development of corrections in America and comprehend the broader forces at work in institutional and community corrections; will differentiate between corrections of misdemeanor and felony adult and juvenile offenders; and will understand the current functions of correctional systems in America today.

The course content will progress on a weekly basis (approximately) through the following topics:

  • Early history of corrections
  • History of prisons
  • Correctional ideologies
  • The sentencing and appeals process
  • Probation
  • Diversion and intermediate sanctions
  • The function of custody
  • Management and treatment functions
  • Jails and detention facilities
  • State and local prison systems
  • The federal system
  • Private-sector systems
  • Parole and reentry
  • The death penalty
  • Inmate and ex-offender rights
  • Male offenders
  • Female offenders
  • Juvenile offenders
  • Special-category offenders

Required text: “Corrections in America, An Introduction”, Twelfth Edition, by Harry E. Allen, Edward J. Latessa, and Bruce S. Ponder. ISBN: 13-978-0-13-503439-2. This textbook is available for purchase or rent, or available as an e-book at the COS bookstore.  It is also available at various online outlets.  One copy of the text will be on reserve at the Weed campus library.

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