ECE 0961 - Preschool Language and Literacy Curriculum II

Spring 2012 (Section #3272)

Online Course Information Page

Instructor: Kate Ashbey
Phone: 530-953-8984

This course is offered completely online

Registered students: The course will be available beginning Tuesday, January 17, 2012. To access the course follow these instructions exactly:

Go to: and login using your user id and password.

Instructions how to log into Etudes can be found here:

Required text:

There is no required text for this course.
All required reading is in the Etudes Modules.

Required materials:

Computer with Internet, e-mail account, camera and photo editing software, plus Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You bust be working with or have access to preschol children (ages 3-5) for a minimum of 3 hours per week. If you have questions, please contact the instructor.

Below you will find some information about the course - a full course schedule will be provided on the first day of class.

Catalogue and Schedule Description: This course covers four topics in Preschool Language and Literacy Curriculum: Oral Language, Reading Aloud, Alphabet Knowledge, and Written Expression.

This class is degree applicable. There is no prerequisite, but you must have access to preschool children in order to complete the assignments and projects.

College of the Siskiyous is committed to a policy of non-discrimination on the basis of gender, color, national origin, sexual preference, religion or disability in any of its policies, procedures and practices. Please see page 71 of your Schedule of Classes. If, due to a disability, you need class material in an alternative format, please contact the Disabled Student Office/Learning Services at 938-5297, go to Eddy Hall, or talk to the instructor. In recognition of the nature of our community, and the greater communities of which we are a part, the presentation of material in this class is designed with respect for individual differences and places a high value upon the richness inherent in an inclusive and diverse understanding of the subject.