HUM 1010 - Cuban Cultural Experience

Cuban Cultural Experience

Summer 2014 (Section #5003) July 3-11, 2014

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Humanities 1010 Travel Study courses at COS are focused on a particular topic in the humanities and take place as an extended travel to locations germane to the topic. Students will visit relevant artistic, historical, and cultural venues and other sites of educational interest.

Humanities 1010: Culture of Cuba (July 3-11, 2014) presents a unique cultural journey that will focus on the highlights of Havana and the surrounding area. Havana is rich in history and boasts four plazas diverse in architecture and culture. We will visit surrounding areas such as Las Terrazas to study a self-sustained community that began with terraced coffee plantations. The trip will also explore the art and educational systems of Cuba as well as current changes in the economy of Cuba. We will have the opportunity to join Cubans in their social activities and sample aspects of Afro-Cuban culture as expressed in their food, religion, dance and song.

Join Maria Fernandez, M.A. for a week of Cuban Culture.

Important Note:  As legal travel to Cuba is restricted for American citizens, there are a limited number of opportunities for travel. We recommend sending your deposit as soon as possible to guarantee your space.
A non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is due no later than May 23rd, 2014. Deposits are not handled by COS. Please contact Paul Bardwil for specific questions regarding your deposit and final payment dates.
Phone: 916-386-1957

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