MATH 2500 - Ordinary Differential Equations

Spring 2013 (Section #3139)

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Title: Ordinary Differential Equations
Credit Status: Degree Applicable
Credit Status: UC, CSU Transferrable
Credit Status: Not Repeatable
Description: This is an introduction to ordinary differential equations. Topics include first and second order linear equations, non-linear equations, complementary and particular solutions, linear independence and Wronskians, variation of parameters, undetermined coefficients, homogeneous equations, integrating factors, separation of variables, Laplace transforms, series solutions, eigenvalues and solving systems of differential equations, and applications. This course meets major requirements for many CSU and UC degrees in mathematics, physics, engineering and other sciences and is AA degree applicable.
Prerequisites: "C" grade or better in MATH 2400, or qualification through assessment.
Co-requisites: MATH 2600 (Intro to Linear Algebra)
Advisories: None








Please find the class Syllabus here.

Required: Three paper and pencil exams plus a final exam will be given on Weed Campus on 2/22, 4/12, and 5/10 from 8-9 am in room TBA. The final exam will be given 5/20 from 3-5 p.m. in room TBA. Proctoring at distant locations will be allowed provided the student finds a suitable proctor and the proctor is pre-approved by the instructor before the exams. Distant students who use proctors are responsible for fees charged by the proctor service. See Proctor Request Form.

Required: Computer capable of playing multimedia.

Required: A First Course in Differential Equations – The Classic Fifth Edition, Dennis Zill, 5th edition, 2001. ISBN 0-534-37388-7. Available at COS bookstore for about $280 or online for generally about $75 used .

Required: High speed internet access, scanner and ability to e-mail PDF files.

Recommended: Student solution manual. ISBN 978054382803

Recommended: Familiarity with Etudes.

Attendance: This course requires frequent and substantial interaction with instructor and classmates. Students who do not participate consistently may be dropped for non-attendance.

Instructor: Dr. Barbara Odegard

Office: ESTC 8-109

Students who are registered for this course should enter the Etudes portal at: on the first day of classes (1/14/13).