COS Science Building


College of the Siskiyous is a great place to start your education in Engineering. We have just completed a brand new state of the art science building (Summer of 2012) equipped with the latest technology. In addition, at College of the Siskiyous you will have small class sizes and caring instructors whose primary interest is your learning and success. Our teching philosphy in the engineering department is to make learning an active and engaging process by involving the student in the learning process.

Are you interested in finding out about the career field with the highest starting salaries and greatest number of job offers per graduate of any baccalaureate field? Engineering is this career field. Just about everything that affects our lives has been designed by engineers.

  • Engineers are the problem solvers of society. They provide practical solutions to meet human needs by applying the principals of science and math.
  • Engineers deliver. If it is the job of scientists to explain how and why things happen, it is the challenge of engineering to make them happen and in a way that contributes to the quality of life.
  • Engineers are doers. They take raw materials and design machinery and systems that increase the productivity and efficiency of our factories. They develop new products for the home that simplify our household tasks. They seek out new sources of energy and devise new ways to get the most out of existing resources without harming the environment.

Would you be interested in starting your engineering education in an environment with small classes and personal attention, while saving thousands of dollars on your education? College of the Siskiyous is the place for you.