Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award


College faculty, staff, administrators and students may forward to the Instruction Office the Statement of Candidate Support of a nominee for the Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award.  The following are guidelines to be used in making the final selection of one nominee.  At a minimum, the candidate shall excel in the first two areas of commitment.


1.                    Commitment to Teaching and Students:  The candidate is committed to excellence in teaching and serving students as an instructor, librarian, counselor, or athletic trainer.  The supporting letter should reflect this commitment.


2.                   Commitment to the College Mission, Values and Goals:  Provide specific examples of ways the candidate has helped to improve the educational environment.


3.                   Commitment to the Institution:  The candidate is committed to serving the institution through participation in professional and/or student activities.  Provide evidence of participation with the academic senate, department or student groups.


4.                   Commitment to his/her Discipline:  The candidate is committed to his/her discipline.  Provide evidence that the candidate maintains currency in the discipline and communicates to students and colleagues an enthusiasm for the discipline.


5.                   Commitment to serving beyond the Institution:  The candidate is committed to serving as a representative of the profession beyond the local institution through service in statewide and/or national activities.  There should be evidence of activities that reveal a broader scope of interest, perhaps through publications, participation in community groups, or participation in state or national organizations