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Accreditation - 2010-2011 Response to Action Letter

The Recommendations

In early July of 2010 the ACCJC issued a sanction of Warning. This means that the College maintains its accredited status during the warning period, but before its accreditation will be reaffirmed for the next 6-year evaluaiton cycle, it must correct deficiencies. The team of evaluators from peer institutions that visited our campus in March 2010 identified four specific areas of concern.  Those four areas are (paraphrased):

  • Research Capacity: improve our research capacity and ensure that research is a robust component of campus decision-making
  • Program Review: strengthen the links between our program review process and the planning and budgeting processes
  • Institutional Evaluation: put in place regular evaluation instruments for governance, planning and program review
  • Institutional Planning: put an effective strategic plan in place, that well integrates all the campus resources

Accreditation Steering Committee 2010-2011

A natural evolution in the College’s response was to create the Accreditation Steering Committee 2010-2012 (ASC), whose charge is to guide, document, and report the College’s work towards addressing the recommendations.  The ASC’s primary tool for documenting this work is this webpage and the pages that link from it.

Our Responses to the Recommendations

The College has worked diligently to address the four recommendations above and the other recommendations identified in the 2010 Evaluation Team's Report. The Accreditation Steering Committee has described and documented the College's progress in Follow-Up Reports to the ACCJC, which are linked below. The ACCJC's follow-Up evaluations and correspondences are also linked below.

In 2012-13, the College will prepare its Midterm Report in which it describes its progress in addressing all the recommendations from the 2010 Evaluation Team's Report.

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