Accreditation Timeline

Proposed Timeline of Accreditation Activity

  • Spring 2014 - Prepare for Instituional Self-Evaluation
    • April 2014
      Training for College personnel, provided by Jack Pond, ACCJC.
  • Fall 2014 - Research and Data Collection
    • August 2014
      Establish Steering Committee.
      Flex Week - Orientation Day kick-off.
    • September 2014
      Form Standards subcommittees.
      Discuss Standards.
      Begin research to identify evidence.
    • October 2014
      Create and distribute accreditation survey and conduct other data gathering.
    • November 2014
      Analyze survey results.
      Continue identifying evidence.
      Identify deficiencies and fix the simple ones.
      Assign complex deficiencies to appropriate groups or departments.
    • December 2014
      Take actions to fix deficiencies.
      Subcommittees begin writing descriptions of evidence that COS meets Standards.
  • Spring 2015 - First Draft of Self-Study Report Prepared
    • January-February 2015
      Subcommittees continue descriptions of evidence that COS meets Standards, including updated evidence of actions taken that address the deficiencies.
      Subcommittees write analyses of how COS meets standards.
    • March 2015
      Compile first complete draft (Draft A) of the institutional self-evaluation report
      Publish Draft A for campus and public review.
    • April 2015
      Conduct campus forums to gather feedback on Draft A.
    • May-June 2015
      Revise. Complete Draft B.
  • Summer 2015 - Board Review
    • July 2015
      Board review and feedback at annual Board Retreat.
    • August 2015
      Final revising, editing, and formatting.
  • Fall 2015 - Final Draft of Self-Study Report Prepared
    • September 2015
      Board of Trustees "first reading."
    • October 2015
      Board of Trustees "second reading" and acceptance.
    • November 2015
      Report printed and website finalized with all evidence and links.
    • December 2015
      Report submitted to the ACCJC.
  • Spring 2016 - Visit and Decision
    • March 2016
      The ACCJC sends an evaluation team.
    • July 2016
      The ACCJC makes its decision about the status of COS.

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