College of the Siskiyous

Accreditation Committees for 2016 Visit

Steering Committee 2014-2016

Co-Chairs: Scotty Thomason (President/Superintendent) and Steve Reynolds (ALO)

Jude Baldwin (faculty)
Dave Clarke (faculty)
Nancy Funk (admin)
Mike Graves (faculty)
Kent Gross (ASM)
Nancy Miller (admin)
Valerie Roberts (faculty)
Nancy Shepard (admin)
Greg South (admin)
Jayne Turk (faculty)

Resource People

Kathy Gassaway (ASM) - Committee secretary
Bart Scott (ASM) - Research

Standards Subcommittees

Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity:

Co-chairs Bart Scott (ASM) and Jayne Turk (faculty)

Heather Collins (faculty)
Josh Collins (classified)
Eric Houck (ASM)
Jan Keen (ASM)
Claryssa Russ (student)
Dawnie Slabaugh (ASM)
Stephanie Wroten (ASM)

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services

A. Instructional Programs:
Co-chairs Greg South (admin) and Dave Clarke (faculty)

Kevin Broussard (faculty)
Neil Carpentier-Alting (faculty)
Joshua Collins (classified)
Vickie Donaldson (ASM)
Eric Houck (ASM)
Michael Read (faculty)
Dennis Roberts (admin)
Charlie Roche (faculty)
Bob Taylor (admin)
Alison Varty (faculty
Dennis Weathers (admin)

B & C. Library and Learning Support Services, and Student Support Services:
Co-chairs Jude Baldwin (faculty) and Valerie Roberts (admin)

Josh Collins (classified)
Shannon Eller (classified)
Shakira Graham (student)
Sunny Greene (faculty)
Cindy Shipley (classified)
Alison Varty (faculty
Anna Volf (classified

Standard III: Resources

A. Human Resources:
Chair Nancy Miller (admin)

Vickie Donaldson (ASM)
Shannon Eller (classified)
Tim Frisbie (faculty)
Brynn Fogerty (ASM)
Jenny Heath (faculty)
Ahmed Ismail (faculty)
Mary Mericle (classified)
Karen Tedsen (ASM)
Stephanie Wroten (ASM)

B. Physical Resources:
Chair Nancy Funk (admin)

C. Technology Resources:
Chair Nancy Shepard (admin)

Jesse Cecil (faculty)
Chris Wehman (ASM)
Blaine Smith (classified)
Ryan Galbraith (ASM)

D. Financial Resources:
Co-chairs Shawn Abbott (faculty) and Kent Gross (ASM)

Nancy Funk (admin)

Standard IV: Leadership and Governance:

Co-chairs Mike Graves (faculty) and Scotty Thomason (admin)

Shawn Abbott (faculty)
Sophie Beck (student)
Josh Collins (classified)
Debbie Dutcher (classified
Kathy Gassaway (ASM)
James Gilmore (faculty)
Doug Haugen (ASM)
Penny Heilman (trustee)
Sean Kenny (faculty)
Blake Mirabito (student)
Greg South (admin)
Mike Tischler (faculty)

Contact information

Dr. Stephen Schoonmaker, Superintendent/President