Accreditation Committees

Accreditation Committees for 2016 Visit

Co-Chairs: Scotty Thomason (President/Superintendent) and Steve Reynolds (ALO)
  • Jude Baldwin (faculty)
  • Dave Clarke (faculty)
  • Nancy Funk (admin)
  • Mike Graves (faculty)
  • Kent Gross (ASM)
  • Nancy Miller (admin)
  • Valerie Roberts (faculty)
  • Nancy Shepard (admin)
  • Greg South (admin)
  • Jayne Turk (faculty)


Kathy Gassaway (ASM) – Committee secretary
Bart Scott (ASM) – Research


Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity:
Co-chairs Bart Scott (ASM) and Jayne Turk (faculty)
  • Heather Collins (faculty)
  • Josh Collins (classified)
  • Eric Houck (ASM)
  • Jan Keen (ASM)
  • Claryssa Russ (student)
  • Dawnie Slabaugh (ASM)
  • Stephanie Wroten (ASM)

Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Support Services

A. Instructional Programs:
Co-chairs Greg South (admin) and Dave Clarke (faculty)
  • Kevin Broussard (faculty)
  • Neil Carpentier-Alting (faculty)
  • Joshua Collins (classified)
  • Vickie Donaldson (ASM)
  • Eric Houck (ASM)
  • Michael Read (faculty)
  • Dennis Roberts (admin)
  • Charlie Roche (faculty)
  • Bob Taylor (admin)
  • Alison Varty (faculty)
  • Dennis Weathers (admin)

B & C. Library and Learning Support Services, and Student Support Services:

Co-chairs Jude Baldwin (faculty) and Valerie Roberts (admin)
  • Josh Collins (classified)
  • Shannon Eller (classified)
  • Shakira Graham (student)
  • Sunny Greene (faculty)
  • Cindy Shipley (classified)
  • Alison Varty (faculty)
  • Anna Volf (classified)
Standard III: Resources
A. Human Resources:

Chair Nancy Miller (admin)
  • Vickie Donaldson (ASM)
  • Shannon Eller (classified)
  • Tim Frisbie (faculty)
  • Brynn Fogerty (ASM)
  • Jenny Heath (faculty)
  • Ahmed Ismail (faculty)
  • Mary Mericle (classified)
  • Karen Tedsen (ASM)
  • Stephanie Wroten (ASM)

B. Physical Resources:

Chair Nancy Funk (admin)

C. Technology Resources:

Chair Nancy Shepard (admin)
  • Jesse Cecil (faculty)
  • Chris Wehman (ASM)
  • Blaine Smith (classified)
  • Ryan Galbraith (ASM)
D. Financial Resources:
Co-chairs Shawn Abbott (faculty) and Kent Gross (ASM)
  • Nancy Funk (admin)
Standard IV: Leadership and Governance:
Co-chairs Mike Graves (faculty) and Scotty Thomason (admin)
Members (alphabetical):
  • Shawn Abbott (faculty)
  • Sophie Beck (student)
  • Josh Collins (classified)
  • Debbie Dutcher (classified)
  • Kathy Gassaway (ASM)
  • James Gilmore (faculty)
  • Doug Haugen (ASM)
  • Penny Heilman (trustee)
  • Sean Kenny (faculty)
  • Blake Mirabito (student)
  • Greg South (admin)
  • Mike Tischler (faculty)

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