Enrollment Services - Forms for Students

Here are listed some of the Admissions, Advising, and Financial Aid forms students may need. Some of the forms are PDF FILLABLE FORMS. When this is indicated, you may fill out the form online and print a paper copy when you have finished entering information. To complete the process, a paper copy of this fillable form must be submitted to the appropriate office by mail, fax, or in person. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.
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Financial Aid Forms

BOGW - Board of Governors fee Waiver (2015-2016) Espanol (2015-2016)
Begining with the 2015-2016 school year, students must now maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to remain eligible for the BOGW.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
California Dream Act Application

Request an IRS Tax Return Transcript or paper request 4506-T

FORMS FOR 2015-2016

Terms and Conditions 2015-2016

Independent Students Verification Worksheets
Independent Standard Verification V1 2015-2016
Independent Child Support Verification V3 2015-2016
Independent Custom Verification V4 2015-2016
Independent Aggregate Verification V5 2015-2016
Independent Household Resources Verification V6 2015-2016
Marital Status Clarification - Student
Asset Information - Student
Untaxed Income – Student

Verification Worksheets Dependent Students
Dependent Standard Verification V1 2015-2016
Dependent Child Support Paid V3 2015-2016
Dependent Custom Verification V4 2015-2016
Dependent Aggregate Verification V5 2015-2016
Dependent Household Resource Verification V6 2015-2016
Marital Status Clarification - Parent
Asset Information - Parent
Untaxed Income – Parent

Appeal Application 2015-2016
Determination of Independent Status 2015-2016
Special Conditions Request 2015-2016
Unusual Enrollment History Appeal 2015-2016

Forms for Enrollment Services, advising & academics

Application for Admission

Add/Drop Form

Academic Renewal Petition

Academic Reinstatement Petition

Articulation Request Form

Assessment Report Request (PDF fillable )

Athletic Trial Study Forms

Audit Application

BOGW - Board of Governors fee Waiver (2015-2016) Espanol (2015-2016)
California Dream Act Application
Catalog Rights Worksheet 

Certification Request for CSUGE/IGETC (PDF fillable )

Change of Information Request
Community Education Registration see COS Special Enrollment/Registration Form (PDF fillable)

Complete Withdrawal Form

Course Challenge Application

Course Repeat Request

Enrollment Limit Petition 
Extenuating Circumstance Petition

Enrollment/Registration Form (PDF fillable)
Extension Classes Special Enrollment/Registration form (PDF fillable)
K-12 Special Admit see Enrollment/Registration form(for students under 18) (PDF fillable)
Late Add Permit
Overlapping Classes Permit
OIT Exchange Permit request
Petition for Certificate
Petition for Refund
Petition To Challenge A Prerequisite
Petition for Pass/No Pass
Petition To Enroll in Over 18 Units
Petition To Graduate (Associate Degree)
Petition To Modify a Requirement for an Associate Degree or Certificate
Priority Registration Appeal

Record/Information Release
Registration Form see Enrollment/Registration Form (PDF fillable)
Residency FAQ ,Directions, and Application
Services Assessment
Student Educational Plan Worksheet
SOU Exchange Permit request
Transcript Evaluation - Nursing Program
Transcript Request Form (to Order an Official COS Transcript)
Schedule Planning Sheet