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How does Special Admission help me?

You can earn college credits before graduating from high school. Some high schools will accept college credit to satisfy graduation requirements, however it is up to the individual high school. When you register for a college course you will start an official college transcript that you can submit to any college or university.

How can I participate as a Special Admission Student?

Each term, students may enroll in the number of units shown below:

            Age 1-8            0 units      These students may only enroll in zero-unit courses.

            Age 9-13           6 units

            Age 14+            11 units    11-unit maximum as per Ed. Code 76001(d).

There are no exceptions to these unit limits

Complete the Enrollment Registration form with the Special Permit at the bottom. At least one parent must sign the form thereby providing permission for the student to enroll in the courses and certifying that they understand that the student will be establishing an official college academic record and that the student is subject to all of the rules, policies, and regulations listed in the College of the Siskiyous college catalog and schedule of classes.

Choose class(es). You can look at what is available at the COS online class schedule.

Please remember you may not register or participate in any courses with the prefix of PEMA, PEFI, or PEAC.

Important information to know about Special Admissions

  • All grades earned will be part of the official college permanent academic record.
  • Course/Class content will not be changed in any way regardless of a special admission student in the classroom.
  • Expectations for student behavior are outlined in the Catalog, Schedule, and Student Handbook.


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