Admissions & Records - Special Admissions for K-12 Students

Steps to Enroll for K-12 Students


If you have never enrolled in a College of the Siskiyous course you will need to apply. Click on the Apply Now button from the main COS home page or the words Apply Now on any other page and complete the form for attending COS. You will be prompted to create a temporary user name and password for the application. When your application is complete you will receive your COS Student ID (S00######) with the confirmation that your application is complete. You will use this number to take assessment tests, pay for classes, etc. In 24 hours (except weekends), your permanent mySiskiyous Username and your default password will be emailed to you. Please keep your COS Student ID (also referred to as an S#) in a safe spot. Student IDs can only be released in person with picture ID or sent to the address on file.

If you have, in the past, enrolled in a COS course or camp, you can fill out and print a K-12 Special Admit and Registration form online at: respectively. If you need a copy of your COS Student ID, it can be sent to you via email or mailed to the address you have on record. If you need assistance with your mySiskiyous UserName or password, please contact Student Help at (530) 938-5223(530) 938-5223 or email Student Help Desk. When emailing Student Help include your name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your SSN.

STEP 2 – ASSESSMENT: Some courses will require prerequisites in order to enroll, specifically math and English. COS uses a holistic approach in assessing a student's overall preparedness for such courses (e.g. SAT/ACT scores, high school transcripts, prior college transcripts, other assessments, etc). Contact Counseling and Student Support Programs at (530) 938-5353 to discuss the types of documentation that could be used.


Obtain permission from your school by having the appropriate signatures on the K-12 Special Admission Request form. Meet with your school’s Counselor or appointed K-12 representative to find the courses most appropriate for you. Courses taken at COS are accepted for K-12 school credit at the discretion of your school. K-12 students may only enroll in non-activity PEMA courses.


You can mail, fax, scan, email or bring in an Enrollment/Registration form with the K-12 Special Admissions Request form. Please do not try to register online. If the appropriate paperwork is not on file in the Admissions & Records Office, you will be dropped from your courses.

Each term, students may enroll in the number of units shown below:

Age 1-8
0 Units
Age 9-13
6 Units
Age 14+
11 Units

There are no exceptions to these unit limits.

Once you have registered for a course you will have a College of the Siskiyous email address. All correspondence will be sent through this address. The first half of the email is the student’s user name. For example: Students are able access their email through their mySiskiyous account.

STEP 5 -  PAY YOUR FEES: All fees are due upon registration. College of the Siskiyous has an enrollment & Health fee exemption for K-12 special admits who are California residents.  This does not include the Student Representation fees, Student Center Fees or Out of State Tuition.

Student Status
Fee Calculation
K-12 Students  attending accredited California School and are California Residents
Student Rep Fee+Student Ctr Fee
$1.00 +($1per unit)
K-12 Students attending accredited California School and are NOT California Residents
Student Rep Fee +Student Ctr Fee +Out of State Tuition
$1.00 + ($1per unit) + $212/unit
K-12 Students attending a *non accredited California School and are California Residents
Health Fee + Student Rep Fee + +Student Ctr Fee+Enrollment Fee
16.00+$1.00 + ($1per unit)+$46/unit
K-12 Students attending a non accredited California School and are not California Residents
Health Fee + Student Rep Fee+Student Ctr Fee +Enrollment Fee + Out of State Tuition
$12.00 + $1.00 +($1per unit)+ $46/unit + $212/unit

non accredited means the school does not have an affidavit online at the California Department of Education )

Federal Law Regarding the Release of Records for Minor Students

Parents have certain rights with respect to their children’s educational records. These rights transfer to the student when they reach 18 years of age or when they attend college. In the case of a special admission student who is attending College of the Siskiyous, the student is considered a college student. As such, access to the student’s records by parents or guardians is only permitted with a “Release of Information” form signed by the student. The form is available at