ADJ 2526 - Criminal Court Process

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Spring 2017 (Section #3175)

Course Description:
This course provides an examination and analysis of due process in criminal proceedings from pre-arrest through trial and appeal utilizing statutory law and state and constitutional law precedents.

Additional Information: Students must have access to reliable internet service to access course material online.

Required Textbook: Courts and Criminal Justice in America, Siegel, 2nd ed., Pearson, ISBN: 978-0-13-345999-9.


  • Identify and describe the stages in the trial process.
  • Identify and critically analyze the concepts of due process as found in Constitutional Amendments, including right to counsel, bail, and jury trial.
  • Describe the history and application of the exclusionary rule in shaping criminal procedure.
  • Critically analyze the constitutionality of searches, seizures, admissions and confessions.
  • Describe and critically analyze the Miranda decision and the privilege against self-incrimination.

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