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Fall 2016 course schedule

Date: Discussion topics/activity: Reading:
24-Aug-16 Mount Mazama's geologic setting and eruptive styles p. 1-7
26-Aug-16 Mount Mazama's geologic history and potential hazards p. 8-12
27-Aug-16 Crater Lake field trip p. 15-19


Grades will be based on total scores for:

There will be no alternate or "extra credit" assignments. The final grade will be computed from a total of 20 points, and will be scored as follows: 70 or more % = P; and < 70% = NP. The instructor reserves the right to adjust these percentages if such an adjustment is warranted by the class average, but under no circumstances will a student who earns a score of < 65% receive a satisfactory (P) grade. In addition to class time, a student should expect to spend 1-2 hours reviewing their notes and text and studying for the final quiz.

Attendance, withdrawal and incomplete policies

Active and informed participation—reading your text, taking complete notes during class sessions, studying features in the field and asking well-informed questions—are the keys to succeeding in this course. If a student is unable to complete the class he or she may withdraw before 26-Aug-2016 without receiving a grade, and is responsible for notifying the admissions office and completing all necessary forms. No incompletes will be granted for this class.

Academic accomodations

Students have the right to request reasonable accommodations to college requirements, services, facilities, or programs if their documented disability imposes an educational limitation or impedes access to requirements, services, facilities, or programs. A student with a disability who would like to utilize accommodations is responsible for requesting necessary accommodations by identifying himself/herself to their instructor or the Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) office located in Eddy Hall 101 (Building 94) on the Weed campus. The DSPS office phone number is 530-938-5297 and applications for services are also available on the website at http://www.siskiyous.edu/dsps/documents/application.pdf . Students who consult or request assistance from DSPS regarding specific accommodations will be required to meet timelines and procedural requirements established by the DSPS office.

Make-up policy for missed work

Because this is a short-term, positive-attendance course there will not be any opportunities to make up missed discussion topics or field trip activities.

Late assignment policy

No late assignments will be accepted for this class.

Academic integrity

Students are encouraged to collaborate with one another as we discuss topics in the classroom and the field and as they prepare for quiz. I expect that each student will work independently, however, when he or she takes the final quiz. If I find evidence that any students are not living up to this code of academic integrity (for example, because they are comparing answers during the final) I reserve the right to assign him or her a score of zero on the assignment or assignments in question.