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Learning Objectives and Study Questions

The documents below include learning objectives and study questions for each week's lesson as well as any supporting documents for a given week. If you understand the facts and ideas that underlie the study questions you will be well prepared for our in-class activities and exams. Because these documents are PDF files you will need to have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) on your computer to view them.

Learning Objectives and Study Questions Etudes Qsns Supporting Documents
Chapter 1: Earth and its Waters 25-Jan  
Chapter 2: Plate Tectonics and the Origins of Ocean Basins 3-Feb Plate Boundary Exercise
Chapter 3: Seafloor Features and Marine Sediments 15-Feb  
Chapter 4: Physical Properties of Water 1-Mar  
Chapter 5: Seawater Chemistry: Salts, Gases and Nutrients 8-Mar Residence Time Exercise
Chapter 6: Structure and Motion of the Atmosphere 22-Mar  
Chapter 7: Ocean Structure and Circulation 5-Apr  
Chapters 8: Waves: Swells to Tsunamis 12-Apr Wave/Tide Exercise
Chapter 9: Tides: "Waves" Raised by the Sun and Moon 19-Apr  
Chapter 10: Land and Sea: Coasts, Beaches and Estuaries 26-Apr Estuary Exercise
Chapter 11: Life in the Ocean 3-May  
Chapter 12: Plankton and Productivity 10-May  
Chapter 13: Nektonic Organisms ---  
Chapter 14: Benthic Organisms ---  
Chapter 15: Marine Environmental Issues ---  
Chapter 16: Climate Change and the Ocean ---  

Homework Exercises

The assignments below are available as either from this website or from the Hazard City CD on reserve in the library.

Homework Exercises Date assigned Date due
Exercise 1: Plate Boundaries 6-Feb-2017 13-Feb-2017
Exercise 2: Residence Time (submit answers in Etudes) 1-Mar-2017 8-Mar-2017
Exercise 3: Tsunami/Storm Surge Exercise (submit answers in Etudes) 19-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017

Writing Assignments

Each assignment below is linked to instructions for a part of the larger writing assignment. The instruction page includes examples, grading rubrics and links to the articles themselves.

Writing Assignment Date Assigned Date Due
Assignment 1: Outline 3-Apr-2017 12-Apr-2017
Assignment 2: Preliminary Abstract 28-Apr-2017 5-May-2017
Assignment 3: Revised Abstract --- ---