Lesson 1: Orientation

Brunton compass and Mount Whitney topographic mapWelcome to College of the Siskiyous' online Geology of California course for Spring 2011. This week's lesson is designed to acquaint you with the course's resources and procedures so that you can "hit the ground running" when we begin to learn about California's geologic history, resources, and hazards next week.

Like our other lessons this semester, this one is divided into four parts: (1) a list of learning objectives—things you'll be expected to be able to do after mastering the concepts you study this week; (2) a guided reading and browsing assignment that will help direct your learning about the week's topics; (3) an exercise that will enable you to put what you have learned into practice; and (4) a brief quiz that will help me assess how well you've learned the main ideas and skills covered in this week's lesson. The formats of our exercises will vary; some will be taken from your Hazard City CD whereas others will be online exercises from a variety of sources. In each case, however, you will need to point your browser to the companion Etudes site in order to submit your answers. Quizzes and the final will be conducted on the Etudes site as well.

Exactly how all of this works will become clearer as you explore the websites that are at the heart of this lesson. If you encounter problems or have questions please write to me using email or via the discussion board or a private message on the ETUDES site. I will check my email as often as possible prior to the first week of class and check Etudes regularly beginning on about 10-Jan.

Weekly Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this week's lesson, a student is expected to be able to:

Reading and Browsing Assignment

Exercise 1: Discussion Board Post (Due by 9:00 AM on 17-Jan-2011)

Now that you have had a look at the course websites and the Hazard City CD, go to the Etudes site and post a response to the welcome message I have left on the Etudes Discussion Board (under "Discussion and Private Messages" tool). This will help each of get to know a little more about our classmates, and what their backgrounds and goals are for the semester.

Quiz 1: Orientation (Due by 9:00 AM on 17-Jan-2011.)

Finally, complete Quiz 1 in the Etudes "Assignments, Tests, and Surveys" tool. There are ten questions, each worth one point. If you can answer all of them correctly it means that you know your way around the course resources pretty well and are ready to start learning about California's plate tectonic setting next week. Like all of our weekly quizzes, this one is timed (you'll have 30 minutes) and must be completed in one "sitting". (That is, you will only be granted access once.) So, be sure you're ready to complete your quiz when you start it—and be sure you're using Firefox. Good luck.