Weekly Lessons

Each of the lessons below includes learning objectives, reading and browsing assignments, and information about the exercise and quiz that support learning about that week's topic.

Weekly Lesson

Date Assigned

Date Due

Lesson 1: Orientation 10-Jan-2011 17-Jan-2011
Lesson 2: California's Plate Tectonic Setting 17-Jan-2011 24-Jan-2011
Lesson 3: Rocks and Minerals in California 24-Jan-2011 31-Jan-2011
Lesson 4: Dating and Depicting California's Geology 31-Jan-2011 7-Feb-2011
Lesson 5: Volcanism in California 7-Feb-2011 14-Feb-2011
Lesson 6: California's Deserts 14-Feb-2011 21-Feb-2011
Lesson 7: Basin and Range and Mojave Provinces 21-Feb-2011 28-Feb-2011
Lesson 8: Sierra Nevada 28-Feb-2011 7-Mar-2011
Lesson 9: Klamath Mountains 7-Mar-2011 14-Mar-2011
Lesson 10: Water in California 14-Mar-2011 21-Mar-2011
Lesson 11: Great Valley 21-Mar-2011 28-Mar-2011
Spring Break—no class 28-Mar-2011 3-Apr-2011
Lesson 12: Coast Ranges 4-Apr-2011 11-Apr-2011
Lesson 13: Earthquakes and Seismic Hazards in California 11-Apr-2011 18-Apr-2011
Lesson 14: San Andreas Fault System 18-Apr-2011 25-Apr-2011
Lesson 15: California Coast 25-Apr-2011 2-May-2011
Lesson 16: Transverse Ranges and Continental Borderland 2-May-2011 9-May-2011
Lesson 17: Peninsular Ranges and Historical Overview 9-May-2011 16-May-2011

Writing Assignments

Each assignment below is linked to instructions for a part of the larger writing assignment. The instruction page includes examples, grading rubrics, and links to the articles you'll be reading.

Writing Assignment

Date Assigned

Date Due

Assignment 1: Outline of article 1 21-Feb-2011 28-Feb-2011
Assignment 2: Abstract of article 1 7-Mar-2011 15-Mar-2011
Assignment 3: Outline of article 2 18-Apr-2011 25-Apr-2011
Assignment 4: Abstract of article 2 2-May-2011 12-May-2011