HEA 1010 - Health in Action

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Spring 2017 (Section #3243)

This course is designed to increase your knowledge in the area of a healthy lifestyle. You will be required to complete the following Student Learning Outcomes: 

Students will be able to:
1. Comprehend, evaluate, and analyze basic health issues concerning the following: fitness, drug abuse, mental health, nutrition, personal health, cause and effect of stress, sexuality, and affects of tobacco use.
2. Construct and defend an individual health strategy for successful life- long health practices.


The textbook required for the course is Health the Basics Plus Mastering 11th edition by Donatelle, Publisher: Benjamin Cummings, ISBN: 978-0-321-91042-4. This text is available at the COS Bookstore and can also be purchased on Amazon. Please make sure to have the text book.

Welcome to Health 1010 and I look forward to working with you this spring. You may reach me at Billy Hefflinger or on my office phone (530) 938-5361(530) 938-5361.

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