HIST 1018 - United States History Since 1877

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Spring 2017 (Sections #3124 & 3220)

Survey of American History from reconstruction to modern times. Development of the United States and its political, economic, social and cultural institutions. Examination of the growth of the U.S. and the institutions, individuals, and groups that contributed to it. (AA, CSU, UC) (C-ID: HIST 140) Advisory: ENGL 1001.


A People and A Nation, Volume II: Since 1865 8th edition ISBN: 978-0-618-94777-5 (You can also use the 7th edition if you can find it cheaper.)

Major Problems in American History, Vol. 2, 3rd edition, Cobbs-Hoffman, ISBN: 978-1-111-34316-3

If you have questions about this class, please email the instructor, Chris Vancil.

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