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These are my Online Course Policies

Attendance:  To be successful in this class, you will need to attend class regularly.  This means using a computer to log on and participate in the class on a regular weekly basis (5 times a week is the recommended minimum). You should check your email EVERYDAY for any messages from the instructor.Please contact me if you have a problem, which keeps you from temporarily participating.  I reserve the right to drop any student who does not participate in online activities for more than one week without contacting me.  Should you find it necessary to drop the class, it is your responsibility to complete all the necessary paperwork with admissions.  Do not assume that I will drop you.

Withdrawal: A student may withdraw before the end of the 10th week and is responsible for notifying Admissions and Records and completing all necessary forms.

Incompletes: Arrangements for an incomplete must be made with the instructor and the student must have completed 75% of the course with a "C" average or better. An incomplete will only be given in the case of an extreme personal or family emergency.

Cheating: Cheating or plagiarism, in any form, on tests or assignments will not be tolerated.  If a student is found to be in violation of the cheating policy, he/she will receive an "F" in this class.

Make-Ups: One of the benefits of online courses is that there is no reason to miss class or not turn in assignments, projects, quizzes, etc… on time.   Students are responsible for all assigned work in this course.  Students MUST complete assignments, tests, and discussion board topics by the due dates.   Tests MUST be taken and submitted by the due dates.  I will NOT accept late homework or assignments.  Contact me if you have an emergency if you cannot complete assignments and tests on time.

Assignments: All assignments are due on 11 PM on Mondays  No assignments, postings, tests, etc. will be accepted after the assigned due date.  If you have an emergency that prevents you from completing your work on time, it is your responsibility to contact me by email or phone as soon as possible.

Discussion Board Assignments: Discussion postings will be due on Monday by 11 PM (Pacific Time) and a minimum of 3 responses to classmates’ postings will be due. Points will be awarded for discussion postings. If you wait to post your responses until Monday evening, you may not receive FULL credit.  See grading criteria for an explanation of the point system.  The purpose of class discussions is to enhance learning for all members of the class; therefore, all postings should contribute to the class’ collective learning experience.  No points will be given for simple non-analytical responses such as “Good work” “I like what you said,” etc.  The grading for discussion postings is based on 100 points per posting.  See Course Grades for Discussion Board Grading Criteria.

Special Assistance: COS has many services available for students who need special assistance.  See DSPS.    If you need any special assistance in this class, please discuss the situation with me during the first week of class, so that I may be able to accommodate your needs.

Final Note: Taking an Internet class requires discipline and involvement. 

If you cannot commit to the deadlines and course requirements, you will not be successful.   Remember I may never meet you face to face nor will the other students in the class, so be respectful, courteous, and let’s engage in some great interactions and class activities.

Read 10 Online Course Policies Course Syllabus Course Grades

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