Planning Committee

Committee Charge

  1. The Planning Committee serves as the primary advisor to the campus governance body on the Institutional Goals, Educational Master Plan, and associated planning and assessment efforts leading toward the college's Vision. Key outcomes in this arena include:
    • Recommending an EMP according to the Institutional Timelines.
    • Annually reporting progress/results of the EMP to the campus governance body.
  2. The Planning Committee monitors the Institutional Goals and related Area Goals, Outcomes, and Measurable Objectives. Key outcomes in the arena include:
    • Working with Cabinet to identify who will be responsible for each plan goal.
    • Reviewing plan updates and assessment reports for individual goals.
    • Making minor changes to the plan (Institutional Goals, Area Goals, Outcomes, Measurable Objectives) based on plan updates and assessment reports and recommending major changes to the campus governance body.
    • Working with those responsible for implementing individual goals to ensure and improve plan implementation, as needed.
  3. The Planning Committee reviews Program Review Documents from an Institutional Perspective to improve the implementation of the college Vision Statement.
    • Work with responsible parties to ensure meaningful assessment occurs.
    • Offer training and advice to improve the quality of assessment.
  4. The Planning Committee works closely with the Budget Committee, ensures a link between planning and budgeting, and advocates for the priorities of the Vision, Institutional Goals, and Institutional Master Plan within the Budget Development Process.


Todd Scott, Chair, Josh Collins, Eric Houck, Bart Scott, Patrice Thatcher, Mike Tischler, Alison Varty, Stephanie Wroten


This committee is scheduled to meet every two weeks.

Agendas, Minutes, and Related Documents

Agendas & Minutes

2016-17 Annual Report

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