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Contract Education


Contract education delivers customized workforce development solutions to Siskiyou County public and private businesses by offering a wide range of services through our business partnerships.

The following goals of contract education are identified as:

  • To train and retrain the workforce of Siskiyou County.
  • To partner in the revitalization of the economic climate in Siskiyou County.
  • To create and strengthen linkages between and among business, industry, education, labor and government to facilitate workforce development.
  • To be responsive in assisting businesses and government in adjusting to and implementing new technologies for their employees.
  • We offer credit, noncredit, and not-for-credit on-site courses, customized training courses, certificate and other programs that can help your businesses bottom line.

We also offer customized performance-based training, assessment and consulting services to help local employers reach their performance goals. We will work closely with you, the employer, to identify causes, conditions and barriers of your performance gap, and we will tailor specific solutions to close that gap and recover, enhance and improve your competitive advantage.

Services Offered

  • On-site Training: Your employees receive the best instruction without leaving the workplace.
  • On-campus Training: Classrooms and labs completely designed for training and development needs.
  • Customized Training: Programs created exclusively for your company.
  • College Credit: Available for many classes, offered by a fully accredited instructor.
  • Degree/Certificate Programs: The College of the Siskiyous offers many degree and certificate programs to meet your employee’s educational needs.

What is the cost?

We can customize your training solution plan at low cost, on short notice, to meet your specific needs. Elements considered in determining the cost include the number of hours of the program, instructor fees, development time, and instructional materials needed for the program. We will propose fees and work with you to develop high quality solutions that fit your learning objectives and development budget.

Our noncredit extended learning courses are tuition free, flexible and offer many advantages. These courses are offered throughout the year.

When and Where?

Our solution plans are customized to the needs of you, the employer, and we are available when and where you need us most. Day, evening or weekend workforce training courses are available at your location. Our cost-effective approach allows you to select the date(s), the number of hours and the training location.

Contact Continuing Education

Suzanne Clark
Phone: (530) 841-5834