College of the Siskiyous

Career Assessment and Planning

Deciding what to "do" after graduation is a very important task before many college students. Many students change their minds (and majors), on average, four times when they are in college. Many people will hold as many as 25 jobs within their lifetime. Deciding on a major and career that fully suits your interests and skills will assist you in staying in a career that you are happy with.

Taking assessment tests or surveys that help you pinpoint your interests and skills will help you choose a career field that will make you happy. There are a variety of assessments out in the World Wide Web as well as at your GUID 1002-Career & Life Planning, give the student a way to take a more indepth approach to taking the assessments and researching career options.

There is a distinct difference in the terms: job, occupation, and career. A job is employment, doing work for compensation, such as fast food worker, cashier, etc. An occupation is work with clustered skills and similar characteristics, such as psychologist, counselor, therapist, etc. A career is a lifelong journey in work that uses your skills, talents, and interests.

Realize that career planning, as defined by the California Career Resource Network, is "identifying what you're good at; how your skills, talents, and interests translate into work; and where you can find that work." In order to do that, you must find reliable assessments that help you in your career planning.

Selected Assessment Websites: - This website has links to vaious assessment tools as well as information on careers. - The free assessment will give you a global assessment of your "type". For additional indepth information on your type, there is a cost. - This website will give you your "type" with description. For additional information regarding what careers would be good with your "type", there is a cost. - This website is on the CareerZone website. This assessment is based on John Holland's Self-Directed Search ("Party Exercise"). It is free and gives you a quick guide towards careers suited to your three letter code.