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Sustainable Communities Program

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Sustainable Communities Program

"At the beginning of the semester, my definition of sustainability was living off the land. ERSC 1001 has been a real eye, brain and spirit opener. Learning how to work together as a community is going to bring change faster than a hand full of individuals working separately. Since thinking this way, I have seen a lot of positive change in my life." ~ Bill Miebach, Student

The Sustainable Communities program introduces students to the broad range and complexity of sustainable communities studies, inspires them toward a related career or service pathway and provides them with the skill set to be successful and personally fulfilled.

Program Requirements
Program Map
Jobs and Careers

Is sustainable communities for me?

"What we do individually affects all people. It's helped me see the bigger picture." ~ Sustainable Communties Student

Do you want to learn about emerging green trends and small business niches? Do you want to build your communication skills and work in renewable energy, agriculture or human relations?

Do you/Are you
Want new leadership skills to enhance your existing job
Interested in starting or expanding your own business
Looking for effective, collaborative communication skills
Want to know how to adapt to social, political and climate changes
Looking for cutting edge innovative career options
Value community building and citizenship
Value creative solutions for the future and the world
Collaborative and solutions oriented thinker
Interested in sustainable lifestyles
Looking for a way to be involved in your community and enhance and grow your leadership skills

Job Skills

  1. Learn how to explore green industries, emerging trends, entrepreneurial niches, and green income opportunities.
  2. Planning and evaluative skills through 'hands-on' examination of the interactions between people and natural ecosystems.
  3. Demonstrate and learn effective communication, marketable personal skills, and entrepreneurship strategies.
  4. Understand holistic management practices

"Students enjoy learning marketable skills right away while customizing their entry point to green careers." ~ Jeff Cummings, former Dean, Career and Technical Education

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Sustainable Communities Brochure

Program requirements

Program Description
The Sustainable Communities program offers a practical, integrated and interdisciplinary examination of the interactions between humans and natural ecosystems with an emphasis on solutions and entrepreneurship. Students will explore a variety of green industries, new trends, entrepreneurial niches and green income opportunities. Through various hands on skills labs, community based internships and service projects students will gain marketable skills and customize their entry points into a green career pathway.

Associate of Science Degree
Environmental Resources – Sustainable Communities 20 units plus General Education

Certificates of Achievement
Sustainable Communities 20 units

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program students will:

  1. Clearly articulate to community members, through written, spoken or electronic communication, the topics and issues associated with sustainability.
  2. Demonstrate a specific skill set valued within sustainable communities.
  3. Identify and pursue income-generating opportunities consistent with sustainable living.
  4. Demonstrate and awareness of diversity issues and different cultural perspectives on the environment.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to make thoughtful choices about how to live, work and play within their environment.

Program Map

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Sustainable Communities Map


Program Contact
Administrative Manager
(530) 938-5512