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CNA - Certified Nurse Assistant - Program Requirements

The Certified Nurse Assistant program is a 6 unit, 180-hour course offering theory and clinical experience for students to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for state certification examinations.

Certificate: Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) (6 units)

Prerequisites for Admission:

  • English 0800, or completion of High School Sophomore English/Eligibility for Junior English, or approved course; or qualification by assessment
  • Fingerprinting background check - if you have past convictions, you may be disqualified from the CNA program and from obtaining state licensure (CNA program form is required)
  • Drug screening clearance  (CNA program form is required)
  • Must be at least 16 years of age 
  • Meet or exceed minimum health and physical requirements
  • Successfully pass a physical exam (within 30 days of class start date - CNA program medical examination form is required) and complete required immunizations or show documented proof of immunity: Chicken Pox, MMR, TDap, Hep. B series (the first 2 in the series of 3 injections must be completed prior to entering clinical) and a two-step TB skin test (taken within 2 months of starting the program).
  • American Heart Association Health Care Provider CPR Card good through the duration of the CNA program
  • Furnish RELIABLE transportation to and from the clinical site
     Students must demonstrate English comprehension at the sixth grade level or higher.

Required Program:
NURS 9062
Certified Nurse Assistant
Total Units Required

Expenses: books, uniforms, white shoes, watch with a second hand, stethoscope, immunizations, physical examination, AHA CPR card, exam and licensure fees. Approximate In-state program cost:$880.00

Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to take the state exam for CNA certification. Arrangements have been made to have the testing done at COS.

For further information, call the Nursing Office at 841-5929.