College of the Siskiyous

DSPS Student Handbook

Suspension or Termination of Services

According to the Services Agreement you signed, you agree to meet the student responsibilities outlined in the DSPS Handbook. If you fail to meet those responsibilities the service may be terminated by the DSPS staff.

You will be notified in writing that a service will be terminated due to inappropriate use of service. If you believe the service has been terminated unjustly then you may follow the steps stated in the policy to try to reinstate the service.

  1. Make an appointment to see the Director of DSPS or LD Specialist. State that the reason for the appointment is to appeal a suspension or termination of service.
  2. When you come to the appointment be prepared to explain the valid reasons for your failure to meet established responsibilities. If possible, bring evidence or documentation to substantiate your reason. For example, you may have had a flat tire that prevented you from making an appointed Stage or carpool connection. You might want to bring a receipt to verify the flat tire repair.
  3. Following the discussion with the Director of DSPS your service may not be reinstated. If you still believe you had valid reasons for not meeting your responsibilities, you may make an appointment to appeal this decision with the designated administrator.

There are two ways that eligible students may be denied services through DSPS:

  1. Lack of measurable progress, and
  2. Inappropriate use of services.

Measurable Progress

A lack of measurable progress may be defined in any of the following ways and may result in a complete loss of DSPS services:

  1. Failure to meet COS's academic standards established by the College.
  2. Two consecutive semesters of failure to follow DSPS services policies.
  3. Failure to make progress toward the goals outlined in The Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) for two consecutive semesters.

Inappropriate Use of Services

Inappropriate use of services is defined as a failure to comply with the policies and procedures of individual services that students are using.

Eligible students with disabilities who are receiving services through DSPS must adhere to the procedures for student responsibilities outlined for each service in this DSPS handbook in order to ensure uninterrupted provision of services. Failure to comply with student responsibilities may result in suspension or termination of that service.

  1. Only services that have been used inappropriately may be terminated during a given semester.
  2. Prior to the termination of a service, the student will be notified in writing that a service is going to be terminated, and the reason for the termination will be explained.
  3. In order for the service not to be automatically terminated one week from the notification, the student must make an appointment and meet with the DSPS Director or LD Specialist to discuss the area of concern.
  4. At the time of the meeting the student will need to sign a Suspension or Termination Contract that outlines the guidelines for continuing services.
  5. If the service is terminated, it will be terminated for the current semester only.
  6. Terminated services may be reinstated during the current semester only on the authorization of the DSPS Director or LD Specialist, and only if there are extenuating circumstances which warrant the reinstatement of the service. If the student still feels dissatisfied with the decision of the DSPS Director or LD Specialist they may appeal to the designated administrator.
  7. Reinstatement of services for subsequent semesters will be considered on a case-by-case basis.