College of the Siskiyous

DSPS Student Handbook

Interpreter Services

The most appropriate accommodation for students with a documented hearing loss may be an ASL interpreter. DSPS provides interpreter services for all academic activities. This includes in-class activities and required out-of-class activities such as field trips, workshops, support hours, labs, etc. for classes in which the student is currently enrolled.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Provide documentation from appropriate professional regarding disability.
  2. Meet with DSPS Specialist to map out class schedule and interpreter needs. Notify DSPS as early as possible when additional interpreting is necessary for scheduled field trips, meetings with your instructors, etc. A three day notice is preferred, but we will do our best to fill your request on short notice. The cost of the interpreter will not be covered by DSPS if prior arrangements are not made.
  3. Attend all scheduled classes or call to give advance notice if you are going to be absent. If the interpreter appointment/class is missed three times without sufficient notification, your interpreter service may be suspended and will only be reinstated following the procedures in the Suspension or Termination Policy (also located in this handbook).
    If you know you are unable to attend class, you must call DSPS at the earliest possible time (24 hours is preferred). We will communicate your absence to the interpreter. DSPS office number: (530) 938-5297. Email:
  4. If you are late arriving to class, your interpreter will wait 15 minutes, they will then report your absence to the DSPS office. Note: If you have more than one class in a day and miss a class, the interpreter will not automatically attend the later classes. You must notify us and the interpreter if you expect to attend the remaining classes.
  5. Report any interpreter problems to the DSPS office so they can be resolved promptly.