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Text Box: There are new and familiar faces in the EOPS/CARE & SSS Office.  If you have been in the office then you have met our receptionist Vera, who will give you a friendly greeting as you walk in.  Cindy has worked in the office for many years helping students, determining who is eligible for the programs and keeping track of our budgets.  If you are a student in SSS, then you should know Pat, the SSS Coordinator. Pat is also the CalWORKs Coordinator.  Kim Lopez is the EOPS/CARE & SSS Director and serves as our primary Counselor on the Weed    Campus.  Kim Peacemaker is our part time Counselor in Yreka.   And new to 
Text Box: the Office is Stacey           Westrum, the EOPS/CARE Coordinator.  If you haven’t met any of us, come by the office.  We are all here to help you succeed in college.  If you have a general     question, come in and ask Vera, or Cindy, or your answer may be on the new Info board in the office.  If you need some academic        advising, come talk to Pat or 

All of us would like to      welcome you to the Fall 2008 semester.  We are all excited about the new semester and meeting new students and seeing the returning        students.  Be sure to come by the office throughout the Text Box: semester to find out what is going on in the programs and what program requirements you have yet to meet—such as making a counseling appointment with Kim, checking in for the   progress report, general help or questions.  
Have a great semester and we wish you success!  

Kind Regards,
Text Box:   Pat Kushwara	      Vera Navarro          Cindy Smith           Stacey Westrum    Kim Peacemaker
Text Box: Welcome from the staff in EOPS/CARE & SSS

What is EOPS?

· EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs & Services) is a student support program for educationally and economically disadvantaged students.

What is CARE?

· CARE (Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education) is a student support program to assist single parents on CalWORKs or TANF to become successful students and find meaningful employment.

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August 2008

College of the Siskiyous

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Kim Lopez, Director & Counselor