COS Extension - Community Education

Senior Theatre

Offering short-term courses in areas of public interest. These courses are open to the entire community and are entirely supported by student fees. COS reserves the right to cancel courses due to low enrollment with full-reimbursement. Subjects offered include:

Arts & Crafts - XAC
Community Service - XCS
Music & Theater - XMT
Fitness & Well-Being - XFW

Course Offerings

See Current classes for locations, fees, registration information for each section (this is a static list and courses may change).

For a dynamic list of classes use the Online Searchable Schedule. From the COS home page, click on the ACADEMICS pull down tab, scroll down to Class Schedules, then click on Online Searchable Schedule on the left. Select the semester you desire and click Submit. Scroll through Subject looking for Extension classes which have a prefix beginning with an "X" (Arts & Craft - XAC, Fitness & Well-Being-XFW, etc.)

Enter the information on the COS Extension Enrollment/Registration Form. Submit to COS Admissions & Records at least a week before the class is scheduled to begin using one of the four enrollment options below.

Registration options - Remember to preregister!

  1. Previous students or students applying for regular admission may register for the class through mySiskiyous on the home page Community Education/Extension classes will be found with (X) following the genre of class in the Subject box. Previous students may also use one of the methods for new students. Registration assistance is available by calling (530) 938-5500(530) 938-5500. mySiskiyous assistance is available by calling (530) 938-5523(530) 938-5523.
  2. New Students should complete the Registration Form (fillable PDF) at the COS Extension page and use one of the four methods:
    1. email form to - requires credit card payment information.
    2. fax form to (530) 938-5367 - requires credit card payment information.
    3. mail form to COS Registration, 800 College Avenue, Weed, CA 96094 - credit card or check.
    4. or take the completed Registration Form and payment to the Admissions & Records Registration window in the John Mantle Student Center on the Weed Campus or the Yreka Campus Business Office - credit card, cash, or check.

Avoid the frustration of a canceled class and sign up early!

Most classes are required to have 10-15 fully-paid students enrolled a week before the class starts to allow the class to run. If your class is cancelled, you will receive a refund in the mail. We will attempt to contact all affected students in the case of a cancelled class.

Important: When you register for a course at COS, you will be given a COS student email address. This is how the campus will communicate with you regarding changes to your class, cancellations and other information. Be sure you know how to access this email account and read it regularly or have it forwarded to an email address you do read regularly. More information can be found on the Student Email Support page.

Check the Extension FAQ page for answers to other questions.


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