COS Extension - Frequently Asked Questions

No. You can click on the mySiskiyous button on the home page. The fourth selection down in the second blue box on the left is Class Schedule (no login needed).

Although we still create a printed schedule to put a PDF file on the web, it is not as up-to-date as the mySiskiyous online version. New classes are being added and changed all the time.

  1. From the COS home page, click on the mySiskiyous button. Login or select Class Schedule (no login needed). Select the semester you desire and click Submit.

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  3. From the COS home page, click on the ACADEMICS pull down tab, scroll down to Class Schedules, then click on Online Searchable Schedule on the left. Select the semester you desire and click Submit.

Scroll through Subject looking for Extension classes which have a prefix beginning with an "X" (Arts & Craft - XAC, Fitness & Well-Being - XFW, etc.)

Preregistration is required to reserve a place in class a week before the class starts. Classes with low enrollment may be cancelled.

With a limited number of exceptions, most classes are required to have 15 fully paid students enrolled a week before the class starts to allow the class to run. Before the first session, the COS Extension Director and instructor may consult with each other regarding a class with fewer than 15 enrolled students. The instructor is responsible for contacting students when classes are cancelled.

Yes. Refunds are processed every week, but because of processing it may take up to two weeks to get your refund.

  1. Previous students may register online by clicking on the mySiskiyous buttonon on the home page Community Education/Extension classes will be found with (X) following the genre of class in the Subject box. Previous students may also use one of the methods for new students.

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  3. New students should complete the Registration form (fillable PDF) at the COS Extension page: and use one of the four methods.
    1. email it to - requires credit card
    2. fax it to (530) 938-5367 - requires credit card
    3. mail to COS Registration, 800 College Avenue, Weed, CA 96094 - with credit card or check
    4. or take the completed registration form and payment to the Admissions & Records window in the John Mantle Building on the Weed Campus. - credit card, check, or cash

COS Extension is always seeking new and innovative programming which is of interest to the public. Please contact Dawnie Slabaugh at (530) 938-5373(530) 938-5373 if you have questions or would like to discuss your ideas. Interested persons who have teaching experience (a teaching credential is NOT required), expertise in a field, and a passion for working with the community are encouraged to submit a proposal. All classes must be taken through the Curriculum Committee by the instructor using CurricUNET ( Instructors are responsible for promoting their class, but may access the assistance of the COS Public Relations Office.


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