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 Sexual Assault
 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
 Pregnancy Resources
 Sex vs. Love
 Sex For The First Time !!
 Contraception / Condoms (we have 42 varieties)
 Family Pact Health Insurance
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 Pregnancy Resources

The Health Clinic offers free pregnancy tests!

California Pregnancy Care Resources 

Hannah House Pregnancy Services
215 W Alma St
Mt Shasta, California

Lifecall: Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Mt. Shasta Crisis Pregnancy Center
215 Alma St./PO Box 1355
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
877-508-HELP (Helpline)
530-926-6726 (Business line)


Definition: Choosing not to have any kind of sexual intercourse. For abstinence to be effective, people must not have any kind of sex, whether vaginal, oral, or anal. Some people wait until they are past their teens. Some people wait until they get married. Others choose not to have sex at all. Choosing when or if to have sex is a hard decision for everyone. People must take responsibility and accept whatever might happen because of a choice they make. ABSTINENCE from sex is the surest way not to get STDs or pregnant.


The word for not having sex is called abstinence. Some people, especially people who think it's not cool to wait to have sex, think that abstinence is a completely bad thing. Actually, there are some really good things about abstinence and some of them might apply to you.

Abstinence, or not having oral, vaginal or anal sex, is the best way to protect yourself. It is possible to get an STD even without having intercourse (penetrative sex) through skin-to-skin contact (herpes and genital warts can be passed this way).

You also have to think about your own personal values and feelings. Your teenage years bring a lot of changes in how you feel about yourself, family, friends and potential love interests--even if you don't think about sex. No matter what your feelings on sex are, it may be smart to wait until something "feels right."

 Sex For The First Time

Just having sex for the first time can be a huge emotional event. There many questions and feelings that you may want to sort out before you actually get "in the heat of the moment."

Questions about yourself:

*Am I really ready to have sex?
*How am I going to feel about myself after I have sex?
*How am I going to feel about my partner afterwards?
*Am I doing this for the right reasons?

Questions about your upbringing:

*How do your parents feel about you having sex?
*What is the position of your church, synagogue or temple on the subject?
*Will you have to lie about having sex later?
*Will you feel guilty?

Questions about your health:

*How do you plan to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy?
*Will your decisions affect your mental or social health?
*Are you well informed on the possible consequences of a pregnancy or an STD?

Good things to remember:

*You are never truly alone. There is always some help somewhere for you. Find a friend you trust, your school nurse or counselor, or maybe even your mom or dad. Talk with them.

**Our health clinic will help you know what you can be tested for and when testing will be accurate. Remember, if you decide to have sex, you can also decide not to have sex any more, until you're ready.

Something to Think About:

Deciding to have sex or not is probably one of the biggest decisions you will have to make. You do not have to have sex before you are ready. It's OK to decide to wait to have sex if that is what you wish. Sex can be fun, but "fun" only lasts for a moment. Other possible consequences of sex, such as an STD or an unplanned pregnancy, can last for a lifetime. Whatever your decision is, be prepared to look at yourself in the morning.

 Contraception/ Condoms

The Health Clinic offers over 42 types of condoms, that are Free to staff & students that attend College of the Siskiyous!


Abstinence is the safest method to prevent unwanted pregnancy and contraction of STD's.   I'm often asked as a health educator, when is the right time to have sexual intercourse with a partner. My answer; when you are ready to accept any consequences that may result; like pregnancy or STD's.

If you think you are ready, be safe, be prepared. Use Condoms. Below is a list of what we offer at the Health Clinic, and it's only a sample of what is available on the market today. There are many reasons (excuses) out there for not using condoms; Here are a few common excuses I've heard from students:
**It'll break anyway, so why use it..
The number one reason for condoms to break is that there isn't enough lubrication, or they were used incorrectly. Another option is to use the Lifestyles - Extra Strength.
    So remember, Wetter is Better.

**It won't fit....
Actually it will fit. Although some people claim that one size doesn't fit all, a condom can stretch to cover a foot, and can be blown up bigger than the size of a head. So it will fit. If you are still in doubt, use Lifestyle's - Large.
**If you love me, you won't use one..
On the contrary, if you love the person, you will use one. What could ruin the mood more, than to say, "I'm pregnant" or something's not right, or to be diagnosed with an STD.
**It feels better without it....
There are many types of condoms, that can enhance the feel of being sexually active. Condoms like, Rough Rider, Trojan Her Pleasure, Warming, etc.


Here's what we have in the office that are free for all staff/students of COS.

         We Have 42 Varieties - Try Them All!

        1. Lifestyles - Large
        2. Lifestyles - Colored (6 Colors)
        3. Lifestyles - Rough Rider (Studded)
        4. Lifestyles - Non Lubricated
        5. Lifestyles - Ultra Lubricated
        6. Lifestyles - Snugger Fit
        7. Lifestyles - Tuxedo
        8. Lifestyles - Extra Strength
        9. Lifestyles - Sheer Pleasure (flared tip)
        10. Lifestyles - Lasting Pleasure (w/ male de-sensitizing)
        11. Durex - Natural Feeling
        12. Durex - High Sensation (ribbed)
        13. Durex Warming Pleasure (warming lubricant)
        14. Durex Chocolate Passion (4 flavors)
          Chocolate Orange

          *Chocolate Mint
          *Chocolate Coconut
        15. Nite Lite - Glow in the Dark
        16. Trojan Enz
        17. Trojan - Her Pleasure (flared tip & sensations)
        18. Trojan - Magnum
        1. Trustex Dual Colors (8 types)
        2. Trustex Flavored (7 flavors)
        3. One Brand Condoms


         Family Pact Health Insurance

    Services Provided

  • Personal & Confidential Health Care
  • Prevention of Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Basic Reproductive Health Assessments
  • Prevention, Screening & Treatment of STIs
  • Pregnancy Testing & Counseling
  • Hepatitis B Immunizations
  • HIV Counseling
  • Limited Male & Female Cancer Screening



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