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General Library Information

Where is the Library located?

The COS Library is located on the Weed campus in Building 2, which is called the Learning Resource Center (LRC). The Library is also online from anywhere, at anytime, with online articles, ebooks, and more

What are the Library's hours?

Please visit our Hours page for our current hours. This page will also list any exceptions such as special events and holidays.

How do I contact the Library?

What is the mission of the Library?

It is the mission of the College of the Siskiyous Library to meet the learning needs of students and the learning and instructional needs of faculty and staff by providing access to information and knowledge. The Library provides the best possible collections, support services, training, technology and facilities to assist students and staff in achieving success in accordance with the overall mission of the College. In addition, the Library works cooperatively with local public and school libraries and other organizations to serve the information and cultural needs of the community.

What are the Library's student learning outcomes (SLOs)?

The COS Library has three student learning outcomes. It is our hope and goal that:

  • Students who receive formal research instruction provided by the COS Library will be able to effectively locate needed information using a variety of library resources.
  • Students who participate in formal research instruction will be able to evaluate for credibility information provided by the library, Internet resources, and other information sources.
  • Students who use the COS Library and utilize its resources, services, and formal instruction will appreciate the value of libraries in supporting academic and/or career success and in supporting life-long learning.