Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum

About the Museum

The Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum is a vivid collection of artifacts and photographs of the people who founded and lived in Weed. Through the objects displayed, one gains an awareness of the courage, commitment, and community spirit of Weed that are typical of lumber towns in the Northwest.

bell hookThree of the museum's rooms have been decorated with some original pieces to resemble a typical kitchen, sewing room, and bedroom from the 1900s. We also have a room dedicated to Charlie Byrd, former board member of the museum, who was the first African American sheriff in California. Two of the jail cells and the booking room are left intact.

Wine display - find out more about Weed's bootlegging days!Artifacts from the old lumber company store and from the company hospital are on display. Logging tools used to fell the trees and to skid the logs are shown. These include hand tools used before the advent of electric or diesel power, a large bulldozer used to skid logs and to build roads in the woods, a snag pusher used to push over dead and fire-hazardous trees, and tram cars and locomotives used to move lumber in the mill yards.

Also on display are a 1923 LaFrance fire truck, which is still operable and ready to go, original tools from a local blacksmith shop, and a home-made still used during the Prohibition to make brandy and whiskey. Photographs and memorabilia from Weed's schools and from former residents can be viewed.

Cover of book  - Images of America: WeedOn the second Saturday in March, the museum hosts an annual dinner, held at the Weed Sons of Italy hall.

The museum published Images of America: Weed through Arcadia Publishing last summer. You can buy it at the museum or online through Amazon and other bookstores. The museum gift shop also offers many trinkets and treasures bearing the museum logo.