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College of the Siskiyous offers support for our online Learning Management System (LMS), Etudes for students and for faculty. This page is your starting point for staying informed with online learning at COS.

Etudes can be used in online, hybrid, and traditional face-to-face courses. You can use this password-protected environment to present course materials, give tests and exams, collect assignments, have discussions, and post grades. Student rosters for your classes are updated twice daily.

To use Etudes you will need to complete some short trainings provided by Etudes. These two-week trainings are offered several times a year. You are encouraged to view the schedule and register. It is a great introduction to using Etudes and teaching online and will help you create a successful experience for you and your students. Once you have completed the Introduction To Etudes training, you can request course shells for your courses.

COS instructor Margie White ( is available to assist instructors who are using Etudes to teach online or post online material. Margie has taught online classes at COS for the past 9 years, is a certified Etudes trainer, and is currently working on her dissertation for a Ph.D. in Education - Instructional Design for Online Learning. Margie is available in DLC 9 on Wednesday afternoons or by appointment.  You can also use the online COS Users' Group in Etudes to ask questions, download materials, and access COS training resources. 

Etudes inTouch - new mobile app!

Download Now!Try out the new Etudes mobile app on your iPhone or iPad. There's no charge and it allows you to stay in touch with your students by accessing your Etudes classes anywhere, anytime. An Android version is in development. For details, go to


Have your students contact Etudes Student Help (, or call the Student Help Desk, (530) 938-5523(530) 938-5523, Monday - Thursday, 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, Friday, 9:00 am - 12:00 noon if...
- They are having trouble logging into Etudes
- They are not seeing the classes within Etudes they think they should have
- They are having trouble getting their password reset

Contact Etudes Admin (, if...
- You have questions about your shells or roster loads
- You have questions about how to get Etudes training
- You have questions about what can or cannot be done within Etudes

Contact Margie White ( if...
- You are developing a new online course and would like assistance with the structure and organization of the course
- You have taken the Etudes training and would like assistance posting material online for your face-to-face class
- You have taught online in the past, but would like to try using a tool or function in Etudes you have never used before
- You have taught online, but feel your course design or the presentation of your material could be improved