Psychology Club

Psychology Club

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Psychology Club

All students are eligible for membership in the Psychology Club. Meeting dates and times will be determined after the Fall 2015 semester starts.

In the Psychology Club, you can become involved in a variety of different projects, such as volunteering at a nursing home, fundraising for a mental health organization, listen to guest speakers, create and disseminate psychology information about the brain and better living on campus, and/or organize community activities to enhance artistic endeavors on and off campus.

The Psychology Club encourages anyone to participate in our activities as a way to become more involved in the community and learn more about the fascinating topic of Psychology.

If you would like to participate in Psychology or be a part of the club fair in August/September, please feel free to contact Ms. Collins at (530) 938-5265(530) 598-4265 or email:

Heather W. Collins
Psychology Club Advisor