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Guided Pathways at COS

Guided Pathways

California Community Colleges Guided Pathways is a multi-year state program designed to provide all California Community Colleges with the opportunity to implement Guided Pathways for the purpose of significantly improving student outcomes.

College of the Siskiyous (COS) Guided Pathways Vision: 2019 Orientation Day Vision Drafts
Group Number Vision Drafts
Group 1
  • Identifying individual needs of students
  • Physical facilities for students
  • Course sequencing
  • Resolving student housing crisis
  • Degrees & certificates have real world relevancy/flexibility
  • Communication meeting needs of current students
  • Ethically & sustainable
  • Direction to Telos
Group 2
  • Thoughtful supportive scheduling
  • "Gourmet" but limited academic menu
  • Holistic approach... to personal and learning support services
  • Continuous signage/direction
  • Path/pathway terms
  • Defined destination(s)
  • "The only thing hard about college should be your classes" - Dr. Kate Mahar
Group 3
  • Start here first: (beginning of path) Offer career exploration opportunities early on
  • Assisting students to define clear/concise career goals/pathways early on
  • Providing support/services throughout path
  • Help students make informed decisions
  • Align our pathways to local high school pathways
  • Removing obstacles/barriers to pathway (i.e. schedules, class offerings)
Group 4
  • Clarity: responsive/adaptive & flexible/evolving/support of students/supportive of employees
  • Challenges: childcare, unclear what classes to take/offerings & schedule
  • Transportation & Housing
  • Implementation of degree (What's the purpose?)
  • Economic
  • Step-by-step (effective completion) breakdown of pathways for students
  • Really cool
Group 5
  • Doing what is listed in Design Principles
  • Streamlining student processes to include tech advancements (mobile apps, single sign-ons)
  • Eliminating redundancy
  • Expanding student housing
  • Job board/online/internships/cooperative work programs
  • Visual pathway maps
  • More advertisement for student support programs-Internal & External
  • Adjunct faculty support (orientation, training, communication)
Group 6
  • Streamline & minimize the choices (pathways)/consolidate
  • Two-way feedback between students and counselor/advisor
  • Develop mechanism to allow students to change pathways
Group 7
  • Clear path to success unique to each student with a common end goal
  • (Adaptivity-sic) Adaptability & resilience to navigate changes & growth along the path
  • Navigating: Changing educational modalities while maintaining connectivity (facing our challenges)
  • GPS: "Guided Pathways to Success"
  • Opening, broadening a student’s world & perspective
  • Personalized online instruction
  • Graduation exit survey
Group 8
  • Onboarding (and throughout time @ COS) to include students' families/support system. All are introduced to "who to talk to" for various departments
  • Include information on transition bumps and time management (i.e. hours for study, class, etc.)
  • Mandatory orientation or introductory class

COS Design Principles were drafted at the August 21, 2019 Orientation Day and are agreed upon guidelines for designing COS's Guided Pathways:

Draft Design Principles