Program Review

Campus - Fall 2010

Program Review is a process that provides the opportunity for employees at COS to assess and improve student learning and support programs and services.  Additionally, it allows the college to determine the impact of its efforts at all levels of the institution on the College’s Mission, Vision, and Institutional Goals. Participating in Program Review promotes dialog around assessment and continuous improvement.  It supports the College’s efforts to evaluate educational quality and effectiveness of programs and services, and it provides necessary information that informs planning, budgeting, and institutional decision-making. Through broad participation and dialog within and between the levels of institutional decision-making, Program Review encourages faculty, staff, and administrators to adjust to changing needs, emerging technologies, best practices, and other advances. 

Timeline for 2015-2016 Instructional Program Reviews (due Fall 2016)

  • August 10, a.m.: FLEX workshop for inputting and analyzing 2014-2015 assessment data and for creating 2015-2016 assessment plans in CurricUNET
  • August 10, p.m.: FLEX workshop for working on Program Review in CurricUNET
  • September 12: Deadline for completing Program Review (discussed at the August 10 FLEX Workshop)
  • September 13:  The Senate PR Committee will (1) inventory the launched Progam Reviews, (2) assign peer reviewers, (3) compile a preliminary list of resource requests.
  • September 20: Deadline for completing peer review.
  • September 30: Deadline for Academic administrators' review of Program Review reports.
  • October 3: Deadline for Program Review originators to make changes if prompted by peer reviewers or Academic administrator.
  • October 2016: Instruction Council review and prioritization of resource requests
  • November 2016: (1) Board and President review of Program Review reports, (2) earliest budget discussions for 2016-2017, including introduciton of resource requests arising from Program Reviews

Program Review Resources for faculty, staff and administrators