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    College of the Siskiyous is committed

    to the three R's of Recycling:

    Reducing, Reusing, Recycling



What we do

    Use email instead of hard copy for correspondence whenever possible
    Double-side printing whenever possible
    Make electronic forms available for public use
    Publish schedules, catalogs and manuals on-line to reduce volume of printed material
    Purchase recycled content materials whenever possible
    Property reutilization
    Surplus sales and donations to other organizations
    Paper (copy paper, magazines, newspapers, envelopes, posters, junk mail, post-it notes, calculator paper, phone books, programs, paper wrappers)
    Beverage containers
    Grasscycle (lawn clippings)
    Chip/mulch/compost wood waste
    Toner cartridges

For More Information Contact

Lori Luddon
(530) 938-5304(530) 938-5304
Email: Lori Luddon

2010 Facts:

Total tonnage disposed: 75 tons
Annual Per Capita Disposal (lbs/employee/day): 0.5
50% equivalent per capita disposal target: 1.6
We disposed of 75 tons of waste in 2010. In order to meet the required 50% diversion for our campus, we would need to have the per capita disposal at 1.6 pounds or below. We are well below the expected per capita disposal with an estimated .5 lbs per employee per day.

Many thanks to the COS Foundation for awarding the recycling program a grant for fall 2008. We were able to purchase deskside containers and large collection cans for the buildings for our paper collections.