Research & Evaluation - Data Requests

Research & Evaluation - Data Request Process

The Technology Services HelpDesk accepts data and research request from COS employees.  If you would like to request data and/or get assistance with a research or assessment project, you can submit your request using the same tool that you would use to ask for assistance with your college computer or other technology. 

Instructions for Completing the Research and Data Request Process

Additional Information: 

Please keep in mind:

  • You are encouraged to take advantage of existing research and data. COS-specific information is available on the COS Research & Evaluation website. This information can be accessed by you, the end user, and does not require completion of the Data Request form.
  • If you need assistance analyzing and interpreting data that you already have, please feel free to contact the Planning, Assessment, and Research Office directly for assistance.
  • Due to technological and resource constraints, there are limits on the type of data that can be collected and the research projects that can be conducted.  At this time, there is limited access to course level data, longitudinal data for trend analysis, and non-student (personnel, budget, etc.) data.  Regardless, all requests should be logged into the system and recorded in order to build an understanding of the research and data needs of the college community.  This information will inform efforts to increase capacity in the future.

The Tech Services HelpDesk Tool allows COS staff to respond to as many requests as possible in a timely manner and with limited resources. If you have questions about the process, please contact If you need help using the HelpDesk software, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at x5222.

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