Research & Evaluation - Data Requests - Instructions

Instructions for Completing the REsearch and Data REquest Process

To submit a request for data or assistance in developing a research or assessment project, please attach the Research and Data Request Form found on this page to a Tech Services HelpDesk Request.  Here’s how:

Develop the Request:

  1. Save the PDF file Research and Data Request Form to your computer
  2. Open the form and fill in the boxes as completely as possible
  3. Identify and share the form with the appropriate data custodian using the Data Custodians Group List
  4. Make changes (as necessary) and save the form on your computer

Submit The Request:

  1. Open the Tech Service HelpDesk Application and log in
  2. Click on Create a New Call (on the left side of the page)
  3. Indicate “Data/Research Request” in the Issue Box
  4. Upload the PDF file (Research and Data Request Form) by clicking on the icon next to the text that says “Want to upload a file too? Click Here” and browse to the file. Click Upload. 
  5. Select Research as the Category
  6. Click Send Call

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