Campus Safety

Residence Lodge Security

Safety and security issues are of utmost importance to our Residence Lodge staff members. All staff undergo a thorough training program relative to developmental needs of students, security policies, policy enforcement, and issues related to overall safety.

Resident Advisors are also available 24 hours a day. Campus Safety Officers also perform regular evening and late night rounds through the Lodges. Security safeguards within the Lodges include restricted access, guest registration and external door prop alarm systems. All Lodge entrance doors are locked 24 hours a day. The main doors of each Residence Lodge are equipped with a keyless entry system. Persons entering or leaving each Lodge must do so through the main entrances and access is restricted to authorized personnel and students with electronic access tags. The use of these electronic access tags is recorded by a computer which is located in the Campus Safety office. All secondary doors to the residence halls are locked and connected to alarms 24 hours a day. Individual residential rooms also have the same keyless entry system with the same security features. All windows are also equipped with locks.

Each Residence Lodge room and common areas are equipped with fire detection devices. Should unauthorized exit or entry occur or, if a fire detector is activated, an alarm will sound and an officer will be dispatched to investigate and to take necessary action.

Most importantly, residents are reminded of safety and security issues during our Lodge orientation; during Resident Advisor meetings and in the student Lodge handbook. Students are asked to keep their rooms locked at all times even when occupied, to observe building security procedures and to notify Residence Advisors or Campus Safety of any unfamiliar guests or unusual incidents within the residence halls.

Students are expected to carry their identification cards with them at all times, as they must produce their COS cards while in the residential Lodges. Both on and off campus visitors must be escorted through the Lodges by a student host. Overnight guests in a given room must be registered by completing an overnight guest pass.

Safety Is A Shared Responsiblity