Campus Safety


The College of the Siskiyous provides free parking to our students, visitors and staff. Our goal is to provideParking safe, orderly, and fair parking for employees, students, and visitors to our campus. We strive to make parking on campus as convenient as possible, while promoting safe movement of vehicles, providing for pedestrian safety, and assuring free and continuous access to buildings and walkways for pedestrians and emergency vehicles.

Providing adequate parking facilities and the proper supervision of campus traffic is a major activity on college campuses throughout the United States. This is especially true at institutions like College of the Siskiyous, where a large part of the student body commutes daily.

Please Remember to Stop For Pedestrians

We have listed the parking regulations for College of the Siskiyous. The purpose of these regulations is to expedite the safe and orderly conduct of college business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space.

Parking lots are provided for the use of students, employees and guests. Parking is permitted in designated areas, as indicated by a white stripe. Parking is not allowed in any thoroughfare, within 10 feet of any fire hydrant, or where otherwise restricted by posted signs. The speed limit in all of campus is 10 mph, and drivers are expected to obey all posted regulations.

Enforcement of parking and traffic regulations on campus is performed by the Weed Police Department. Any citations issued are citations of the City of Weed and are treated accordingly.


Overnight parking is allowed for residence hall students and students or employees on overnight college-sponsored trips. Overnight parking is permitted in:

The two lodge parking lots (excluding the 4 spaces by the back door of the cafeteria).
The strip along the Industrial Technology, Auto Mechanics, and Maintenance buildings.
The small strip along the back of the gymnasium which is across from the Maintenance building.

Please Drive Safely