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Mount Shasta as a Visual Resource


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This study is far from being comprehensive. Not enough time, and the haphazard success of searching through old art catalogs and art reference books for traces of Mount Shasta paintings, leads one to believe that more time and more books would disclose more art and artists of the region. So far [1989] more than one hundred and twenty artists who painted or sketched in the Mount Shasta region, all of them born before 1900, have been identified. Any additions or corrections along these lines would be appreciated.

I would very much like to thank the staffs at the Bancroft Library, the Oakland Museum Library, the California Historical Society Library, the Crocker Art Gallery, the Stanford Art Museum, the Special Collections Department of the U.C. Davis Library, the Special Collections department of Stanford University, the Special Collections Department of the Chico State Library, the Shasta College Library, the California Room and the Government Publications Department at the California State Library in Sacramento, the Shasta County Library, the Siskiyou County Library, The Shasta County Historical Society, the Siskiyou County Historical Society, the Holt Atherton Center for Western Studies, and the Shaw Historical Library at the Oregon Institute of Technology, for their expert assistance in locating research materials.

Special thanks to Dennis Freeman, chief librarian and coordinator of the Mount Shasta Collection at the College of the Siskiyous Library.

Photograph of Dennis Freeman by Michael Roesch - Man wearing glasses reading open book
Dennis Freeman, Director of the College of the Siskiyous Library

In addition, I would like to thank Early California & Western Art Research, Kennedy Galleries, Hughes Publishing, Garzoli Fine Arts, Stondene Gallery, Annex Gallery, Yerba Buena Books, WIM Galleries, Kerwin Galleries, Maxwell Galleries, Abbey House Galleries, Northpoint Gallery, Atelier Doré, Peabody Antiques, Trotter Galleries, Kerwin Fine Arts, and many others, for the invaluable information and materials which they have contributed to this project.


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