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Mount Shasta
Annotated Bibliography

Chapter 24

Literature: Children's Books

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Three of the four books in this section are introductions to the Cascade volcanoes. The fourth book, about Shasta the cat, is not really about the mountain, though it may be admitted that the soft sound of the name Shasta suits a kitten very well. No other children's book about Mt. Shasta were found. There should be more children's books about Mt. Shasta. Perhaps some enterprising authors would like to write good children's books to add to this section.

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[MS69].          Field, Nancy and Machlis, Sally.  Discovering Northwest Volcanoes: A Learning and Activity Book.  Corvallis, Ore.: Dog-Eared Publications, 1990. Revised edition, seventh printing.     For children, but interesting even for adults. Contains puzzles and  activities such as "Volcano Riddle: What Do a Can of Soda Pop and a Volcano Have in Common?," "Boom! A Volcano Game," "Lava Tube Comics," etc. The authors only briefly mention Mt. Shasta.     24. Literature: Children's Books.  [MS69].

[MS34].          Magley, Beverly.  The Fire Mountains: The Story of the Cascade Volcanoes.  Billings, Mont.: Falcon Press Publishing Co., 1990. A children's book for ages 8 - 12. Contains text and illustrations on each of the major Cascade volcanoes, plus an overview of the entire Cascade range. Geological processes are introduced in a simplified but accurate way. Mount Shasta is discussed on pp. 16 & 17  with topics such as stratovolcanoes, glaciers, and sulfur springs being mentioned. An Indian legend is described as are the legends of the Lemurians, the Yaktayvians, and the UFOs . The point of view is lighthearted and the text on Mount Shasta ends with the statement: "When you visit Mount Shasta, remember to keep your eyes open for secretive people who may live inside the volcano. You just never know ..."     24. Literature: Children's Books.  [MS34].

[MS688].          Oana, Kay D.  Shasta and the Shebang Machine.  Fayetteville, Ga.: Oddo Publishing, 1978. This is a children's book about a cat named Shasta. The Shebang Machine is a typewriter. Other than the cat's name, this book has nothing to do with Mt. Shasta.     24. Literature: Children's Books.  [MS688].

[MS144].          Purcell, David.  Cascade Volcanoes, a Discovery Book.  Washougal, Wash.: High Mountain Press, 1985. Third edition, first published 1978.     Children's guide to the Cascade volcanoes. Mount Shasta (pp. 18-19) is discussed. Contains an Indian legend about Mount Shasta being built by the Chief of the Sky Spirits: whenever smoke and fire come out of the volcano it is a sign that the chief is home with a fire going. The book also contains a crossword puzzle and other games about volcanoes.     24. Literature: Children's Books.  [MS144].


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