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Mount Shasta
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Chapter 28

Art: Photography

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The entries in this section include books and articles which are relevant to the study of Mt. Shasta photography. Some of America's best-known 19th and 20th Century photographers, including Carlton Watkins, William Henry Jackson, Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and Imogen Cunningham have produced images of Mt. Shasta, and their work is listed in this section. Mt. Shasta is perhaps unique in California in having the unusual lens-shaped lenticular clouds which, at certain times of the year, hover over the mountain. The 1986 book Celestial Raise contains perhaps the best collection of photographs of these lenticular cloud formations. There are fine photographs of Mt. Shasta in many books entered in other sections of this bibliography, see for example Michael Zanger's extensively illustrated 1992 Mt. Shasta: History, Legend and Lore. Individual unpublished 19th and 20th Century photographs of Mt. Shasta, of which there must be thousands, are not listed, though the College of the Siskiyous Library does have a large collection of such pictures.

The [MS number] indicates the Mount Shasta Special Collection accession numbers
used by the College of the Siskiyous Library.

[MS251].††††††††† Adams, Ansel Easton 1902-1984.† Mount Shasta and Shasta Dam [photograph]. In : Adams, Ansel Easton 1902-1984 and Newhall, Nancy.† The Pagent of History in Northern California.† San Francisco, Calif.: American Trust Company, 1954. Photo No. 33.†† Contains the only known Ansel Adams photograph of Mount Shasta (photo number 33 of this unpaginated book). Actually, it appears that the main subject of this photo is the Shasta Dam, and that Mt. Shasta in the background is an essential though not primary feature. One can see Mount Shasta's 'Sun Bowl' and 'Powder Bowl.' Adams's technical note for this photograph states: " 8 x 10, 26 1/2 component of Cooke Series XV, Wratten A, Kodak portrait Pan, Ansco 27."
††††† The American Trust Company commissioned the book in honor of its centenary.† Contains fifty of Adams's photographs with accompanying poetic prose by Nancy Newhall. For the Mt. Shasta photo, the text reads : "Winter is rain; the hills turn emerald, blossom starts forth. To the north, snow gleams deeper on the majestic old volcano, Shasta; to the east, the Sierra glitters, a wave of snow peaks hundreds of miles long."††††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS251].

[MS758].††††††††† anonymous.† Greetings from California.† no date. Booklet. 6 by 9 inches. Black paper cover with white lettering of title.16 leaves.††††† No text except for captions. Consists of 16 black and white (greenish ink) photographs of California scenery. Contains 3 photos of the Mt. Shasta region: "Mt. Shasta"; "Shasta Springs"; "Mossbrae Falls."†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS758].

[MS647].††††††††† Atkeson, Ray.† Mt. Shasta [photograph]. In: Atkeson, Ray.† Northwest Heritage: The Cascade Range.† Portland, Ore.: Charles H. Belding, 1969. pp. 44-45.†† The late Ray Atkeson was an esteemed photographer of the Pacific Northwest landscape and was noted for his use of color film. He has been called the 'Ansel Adams' of color and the 'photographic laureate of Oregon.'
††††† The book contains two color photographs of Mt. Shasta. Captions read: "Mt. Shasta, the 14,162-foot monarch of Northern California, reflects the Alpen-glow of a winter sunset as its lower are shrouded in shadows towards the end of the day" (p. 44), and "The lofty double volcanic cones of Mt. Shasta reach high into sunset-tinted springtime clouds floating across volcanic buttes and sagebrush lowlands north of the mountain" (p. 45).
††††† The book as a whole is one of the best photographic surveys of the entire Cascade Range. It is perhaps the single most useful reference to be consulted for identification of unknown Cascade peaks as found in uncaptioned historical artwork and photographs.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS647].

[MS2164].††††††††† Atkeson, Ray.† Mt. Shasta, California; Black Butte, Calfornia [color photographs]. In: Atkeson, Ray and Lewis, Paul M.† Beauty of California.† Beaverton, Or.: Beautiful America Pub. Co., 1979. 144 p.; chiefly col. ill.; 36 cm.†† First edition. Ray Atkeson, photography ; text by Paul M. Lewis.†††† Color photography of Mount Shasta, Calif. (p.28-29) and Black Butte, Calif. (p.30).†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2164].

[MS2163].††††††††† Atkeson, Ray.† Mt. Shasta, California, 1988 [color photograph]. In: Atkeson, Ray.† Western Images.† Portland, Or: Graphic Arts Center Pub. Co., 1989. 139 p.; ill. (some col.); 32 cm.†† Mt. Shasta, California, 1988 (color photograph)†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2163].

[MS125].††††††††† Blair, James P. Mount Shasta [photograph]. In: National Geographic Magazine. May, 1966. pp. 678-679. A beautiful two page color photograph of Mount Shasta. This is one of the few available photographs of the mountain taken from a high enough elevation to show the plug dome in the Shastina crater. The caption for the photograph reads: " 'Old White Lady,' as pilots in northern California fondly call snow-maned Mount Shasta, looms..." (p. 678). 28. Art: Photography.† [MS125].

[MS2167].††††††††† Bond, Fred.† Mount Shasta, Calif. [photograph]. In: Bond, Fred 1893.† Westward How, Through the Scenic West; How, Where and When to Go, What to See, and How to Shoot It.† San Francisco, CA: Camera Craft Pub. Co., 1947. 324 p.; illus., maps (1 fold. in pocket); 28 cm.†† Instructions are given on how to photograph Mount Shasta, Calif. (p. 80-81).†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2167].

[MS253].††††††††† Britt, Peter 1819-1905.† Mt. Shasta. 14440 ft. [photograph]. In: Miller, Alan Clark.† Photographer of a Frontier: The Photographs of Peter Britt.† Eureka, Calif.: Interface California Corporation, 1976. p. 75.†† This is a photograph of Mount Shasta, date unknown. Peter Britt, one of the lesser known but very talented and innovative photographers of the West. He settled in Jacksonville, Oregon in 1852 and worked as a photographer in that city for more than 50 years. His elaborate collection of camera equipment is now a major display at the Jacksonville Museum. Britt is not as well-known as he might be, solely because he stayed within his home region for most of his life, and thus did not photograph Yosemite, Yellowstone, and other major landmarks of the West. But he is nonetheless considered a true pioneering photographer of the West.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS253].

[MS1191].††††††††† Bry, Michael and Stewart, George R.† This California.† Berkeley, Calif.: Diablo Press, 1965. A book of fine writing by George R Stewart, and fine photography by Michael Bry. George R. Stewart was Professor Emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley, and the author of many literary and historical works. In this book he states: "To begin at the north, we cross the Oregon line into that pleasant little region of forest and pasture-lands which is Siskiyou County. Its dominating feature is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world--the double-peaked Shasta, rising in rhythmic and well proportioned lines, as if the forces of geology had for once been directed by a conscious artist. Yet Shasta is an almost forgotten mountain, never having been created a national or state park and standing in a region which is not a major region for tourists" (p. 96).
††††† Contains two full-page photographs of logging scenes on the flanks of Mt. Shasta (pp. 98-99), a two-page spread of Shasta Dam with Mount Shasta in the distance, and a half-page photo of Mt. Shasta from Tule Lake National Wildlife refuge.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS1191].

[MS908].††††††††† Californians, Inc.† Mt. Shasta [photograph]. In: National Geographic Magazine.† Mar., 1936. p. 358.†† Accompanies an article by Frederick Simpich entitled 'Northern California at Work' (pp. 309-390). See also page 343 for a black and white photograph the aftermath of an August 1935 mudslide from Mt. Shasta.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS908].

[MS2165].††††††††† Clifton, Carr.† Color photograph of Mount Shasta, Calif. In: Clifton, Carr.† California, Magnificent Wilderness.† Englewood, Colo: Westcliffe Publishers, Inc., 1988. 112 p.; col ill.; 31 cm.†† Color photograph of Mount Shasta, Calif. (p.98).†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2165].

[MS362].††††††††† Colburn, Anthony T. Mt. Shasta: A Photographic Survey. Arcata, Calif.: Humbolt State University, June, 1984 (Thesis, Master's). Bound in book form consisting of 9 pages of text and two sheets holding 26 black and white slides. Original photographs were produced as 8 by 10 inch negatives on tri-x film.††† †The photographs are in two categories, one being of the mountain itself, the other being of rock samples. Text explains that both sets of photographs have been conceived to present the mountain or rock without any reference to the size of human beings. Most photography has historically been done with some scale relative to humans explicit or at least implied. Colburn explains that his photographs try to force a sort of disorientation so that the viewer can see afresh the order and pattern in the mountain and rocks apart from their scale.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS362].

[MS2215].††††††††† Cunningham, Imogen.† Mount Shasta [photograph].† circa 1960. Color photograph. Published by Southern Pacific as a poster for the Shasta Route. Date unknown but possibly from the early 1960's.†††† Imogen Cunningham was one of America's foremost portrait photgraphers, having photographed Gertrude Stein, Darius Milhaud, Alfred Stieglitz, Minor White, Theodore Roethke, and so on. She was also a founding member of the famous San Francisco group 'F64' (other members included Ansel Adams and Edward Weston, both of whom also photographed Mount Shasta). This photo of Mount Shasta has a very colorful and contrasty foreground, making it one of the finest Mount Shasta pictures. [See also: Walsh, George et al. Contemporary Photographers. New York. Saint Martins Press, 1982, for more biographical information.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2215].

[MS1232].††††††††† English, Jane.† The Mount Shasta Calendar (series).† Mt. Shasta, Calif.: Earth Heart, 1990-(annual). Three calendars to-date in the series. Excellent photographs displaying the many everchanging moods of Mt. Shasta. From the introduction to the 1993 edition: "The 1990 calendar was envisioned by Jane English and was totally her work -- both black -and-white photographs and writings. The 1991 and 1992 calendars contained writings of other Mount Shasta area residents and visitors. And now the 1993 calendar is in full color and features the photographs of several other photographers."
††††† The 1993 edition contains photographs by Jane English, Rowena Pattee Kryder, Michael Zanger, Rick Auerbach, Bob Gray, Walter Mathison, B. Zenon Michalak, Pan Brian Paine, and George Stroud.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS1232].

[MS1176].††††††††† Flageolle, Andree. Western Exposures. In: Table Rock Sentinel: The Magazine of the Southern Oregon Historical Society. Nov-Dec., 1989. Vol. 9. No. 6. pp. 2-13. An account of famous and not-so-famous 19th century photographers of the American West. Early techniques of photography are discussed. Contains a reproduction of Frank Patterson's silver-gelatin photograph of Mt. Shasta
(p. 6). 28. Art: Photography.† [MS1176].

[MS543].††††††††† Mt. Shasta [photograph]. In: Franklin, Max.† Baby Blue Marine.† New York: New American Library, 1976. Front cover photograph.†† Publicity photo from the 1976 movie 'Baby Blue Marine.'†††† The movie Baby Blue Marine was filmed in part in the Mt. Shasta region. The screenplay was written by Stanford Whitmore; the novel appears to have been written after the screenplay. The movie director was John Hancock. The stars were Jan-Michael Vincent and Glynnis O'Connor. Mt. Shasta is not mentioned in the text. The plot, set in 1943,† revolves around a World War Two internment camp for Japanese Americans. The legacy of the Tule Lake internment camp drew the movie-makers to the Mt. Shasta region.
††††† Another photograph of Mt. Shasta appears on the 7th unnumbered page following p. 92.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS543].

[MS2067].††††††††† Graves, C. Edward.† Mount Shasta Diary: Summer of 1944. To Accompany the Set of 2x2 Kodachrome Slides of the Mount Shasta Country in the Colorful America series.† 1945. Typed manuscript. 26 pp. Covers the period from August 1 to August 28, 1944 with an epilogue dated Aug. 22, 1945. From the Edward Stuhl collection.†††† The author, a dedicated color photographer, spends one month on vacation on the slopes of Mount Shasta. On and off he is joined by his family. The author details the goal and accomplishments of each day, in an engaging fashion. He goes to great lengths to climb through the chapparal to little known vantage points around Squaw Valley, Mud Creek, the north side of the mountain, the summit, etc. He goes out of his way to inquire from maps and locals what they can tell him of the places names and unnamed features of the mountain. He meets several interesting people (including the lookout man,† on top of Black Butte). Discusses Mount Shasta from summit of Black Butte; Panther Meadows; Panther Meadows falls; Red Butte (according to the author sometimes called the 'Paint Pot' by locals); Mud Creek canyon; Konwakiton Glacier; Panther Creek; Upper Gray Butte; John Schuler's trip around the mountain in the 1930's; a 'web worms' plague in the chapparal, etc. The author enjoys the hunt for features such as the place on an 1897 map that shows Panther Creek disappearing into the ground. Lots of wildflower observations. Occasional humor and occasional introspection: " Setting course by sun and compass I toiled up hill to gain some two thousand feet of elevation that I had lost in my attempt to find the canyon crossing. After about an hour of this I suddenly came upon my footprints made earlier in the morning. It is difficult to describe the sensations produced by an incident of this kind. It is like meeting an old friend in the midst of a vast and trackless forest - but that old friend is yourself." (p. 21). Note that the author also wrote a book† "Our Search for Wilderness: The Story of a Sixty Year Marriage" in which he also discusses his experience of Mt. Shasta."†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2067].

[MS2132].††††††††† Graves, William, Thomas Nebbia, James P. Blair, and Jonathan S. Blair. California: The Golden Magnet [photograph of Mt. Shasta]. In: National Geographic. May 1966. Vol. 129. No. 4. Contains a two page aerial view photograph of Mt. Shasta by James P. Blair, p. 679. Article states that Mt. Shasta is know as the ' Old White Lady' by airplane pilots. 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2132].

[MS2210].††††††††† Jackson, William Henry. Mount Shasta [photographs]. 1899.† Library Of Congress/American Memories/Detroit Publishing Company CollectionCollection of at least six photographs of Mount Shasta, published by the Detroit Publishing Company in 1899 and 1900. W. H. Jackson was of America's most important historical photographers, known best for his 1870's photographs of Yellowstone which significantly aided the creation of America's first National Park. 28. Art: Photography.† MS2210].

[MS2161].††††††††† Jackson, William Henry photographer.† Moss Brae (Mossbrae) Falls, near Mt. Shasta [photograph]. In:† Cahn and Ketchum, Robert Glenn.† American Photographers and the National Parks.† New York; Washington, D.C.: Viking Press; National Park Foundation, 1981. 144;† [36] p; ill. (some col.); 33 cm.†† "A Studio book."†††† 'Outgrowth of a photographic exhibition sponsored by the National Park Foundation'--P. 7. .'Catalog': p. [1]-[35] 2nd group.† Photographs by Ansel Adams, William Bell, Dave Bohn, Anee Brigman, Harry Callahan, William Clift, Imogen Cunningham, George Fiske, Lee Friedlander, William Garnett, Laura Gilpin, John K. Hillers, William Henry Jackson, Charles V. Janda, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Joel Meyerowitz, Roger Minick, Richard Misrach, Boone Morrison, David Mussina, Eadweard J. Muybridge, Ted Orland, Timothy O'Sullivan, John Pfahl, Eliot Porter, Gail Skoff, Michael A. Smith, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Carleton E. Watkins, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, Minor White and Don Worth. .505. 2 | Moss Brae (Mossbrae) Falls, near Mt. Shasta / William Henry Jackson -- Mount Shasta No.2 / Carleton E. Watkins -- Rocks and Snow, Mount Lassen (Lassen Peak) / Don Worth.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2161].

[MS2068].††††††††† Johnson, J. W.† The Early Pacific Coast Photographs of Carleton E. Watkins.† Berkeley, CA: Water Resources Center, University of California, 1960. Water Resources Center Archives, University of California Berkeley, Archives Series Report No. 8, Feb. 1960. Contains bibliographical notes, pp. 60-64.†††† Lists individual photographs of diverse places in the West, by Watkins, arranged by archives of: California Historical Society (with six Mount Shasta photos);† California State Library;† George Eastman House;† Huntington Library;† Library of Congress;† New York Public Library;† Society of California Pioneers;† Stanford University Library (with six photos of Mount Shasta including 'Morraines'; 'P. flexilis Mt. Shasta; and 'Williamsonii-Mt. Shasta';† United States Geological Survey at Denver (15 photos of Mount Shasta);† University of California at Berkeley- Hearst Collection (1 photo of Mount Shasta);† University of California at Berkeley- Bancroft Library (1 photo of Mount Shasta); University of California at† Los Angeles);† Yosemite Museum;† Miscellaneous of ten smaller archives. Note that no single archive has all of the Mount Shasta photos by Watkins.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2068].

[MS2098].††††††††† King, George R. Mount Shasta (photograph). In: The National Geographic Magazine. June 1912. Vol. XXIII. No. 6.† p. 578. Beautiful full-page photograph by George R. King. 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2098].

[MS2166].††††††††† Lamb, Russell photographer.† Mount Shasta, Calif. [photographs]. In: Lamb, Russell and Beckey, Fred.† The Cascades.† Portland, Or.: Graphic Arts Center Pub. Co., 128 p.:chiefly col. ill.; 35 cm.†† Photographs of Mount Shasta, Calif. (p. Overleaf, 6, 11, 122, 124-125).†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2166].

[MS694].††††††††† Le Bon, Leo.† Majestic Mountains: Roaming the Great Mountain Ranges of Six Continents.† New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1989. pp. 34-37.†† Text and photographs by Leo Le Bon.†††† Leo Le Bon is president and co-owner of Mountain Travel, one of the country's most successful mountain travel tour organizations. He is an expert photographer, and his aerial photograph (p. 34) of Mt. Shasta towering above a sea of clouds is unique and truly beautiful.
††††† In the chapter entitled "Mt. Shasta: Cascade Range, California, U.S.A." Le Bon gives a brief history of the Sierra Club lodge, records some of the early ascents of the mountain, presents climbing routes, and describes some of the more interesting mountain features.
††††† Le Bon considers the mountain from the climber's viewpoint: "Shasta is very much a climber's mountain, attracting mountaineers from all over California, Oregon, Washington, and beyond....In winter and spring there is the added attraction of suburb ski mountaineering along Shasta's many broad gulches, open slopes, and bowls" (p. 37).†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS694].

[MS508].††††††††† Lehrman, Fredric.† The Sacred Landscape.† Berkeley, Calif.: Celestial Arts, 1988. Photographic coffee-table format† art book. Contains 3 photographs of Mt. Shasta with selected texts as accompaniment:[Mt. Shasta and Moon] (back cover); "Sunset over Mt. Shasta" (p. 63) by Philip Tarlow with text by John Muir; and† "Angel Cloud over Mt. Shasta, California" by Robert McKenzie with anonymous text.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS508].

[MS28].††††††††† Marcus.† Celestial Raise: Tiers of Light Pouring Fourth From The Son.† Mt. Shasta, Calif.: A.S.S.K. [Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara], 1986. A book of quotations by spiritual 'entities' and by spiritual teachers, interspersed with high quality photographs of Mount Shasta and its lenticular clouds. Quotations are attributed to such personalities as Sananda, Ramtha, Archangel Michael, Kwan Yin, and so on. Approximately 60 different sources are quoted. The spiritual quotations are representative of many different points of view about spiritual upliftment. The photographs were taken by Mt. Shasta resident photographers, including Kevin Lahey, Michael Zanger, Sister Thedra, Michael Radford, Zenon Michalak, and Marcus. This is one of the all-time best collections of Mt. Shasta photographs.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS28].

[MS568].††††††††† Martin, Charles. Mt. Shasta [photograph]. In: National Geographic Magazine. June, 1929. Vol. 55. p. 721. Accompanies an article by Chapin Hall entitled 'California, Our Lady of Flowers' (pp. 703-750). See also page 714 for a black and white aerial photograph of the mountain.†††† A beautiful "autochrome" color photograph of Mt. Shasta. A young girl and a lake are in the foreground. Contains the caption: "When Shasta Wears No Hood, Still Pools Reflect Her Image" and the statement: "Indian legend has it that the Great Spirit built this mountain as a model for all others. Tribal prophets say stormy weather never threatens when the peak is clear of clouds." 28. Art: Photography.† [MS568].

[MS1188].††††††††† Muench, David. Mount Shasta [photograph]. Sierra. May-June 1989. p. 75. 'David Muench—A Portfolio.'††††† Photograph of Mt. Shasta and its reflection as seen from Mt. Eddy. Foreground lake and summit of Black Butte shown.
††††† Accompanied by the photographer's statement: "Mount Shasta, Cascade Range, California, May 1987. The peaks of the Cascade Range are prominent and strong, and the reflection in the water suggests that the area is very much alive. Reflections are fascinating to me. By mirroring a landscape, they double its strengths and serenity. This photo was made at dawn; I prefer working early or late in the day, just before sunrise or shortly after sunset. Those are transient moments, edges between times of day that bring out tonal depth and subtlety of landform." 28. Art: Photography.† [MS1188].

[MS126].††††††††† Muench, David. Mount Shasta [photograph]. California Highways Magazine. Aug./Sept., 1990. Cover; p. 21. Two beautiful full-page photographs of Mount Shasta shot from Highway 97 by well-known photographer David Muench. 28. Art: Photography.† [MS126].

[MS342].††††††††† Murdock, Dick 1917.† Smoke in the Canyon: My Steam Days in Dunsmuir.† Ross, Calif.: May-Murdock Publications, 1986. Limited edition.†††† A railroad history of the Mount Shasta region written by an engineer for the Southern Pacific Railroad's Shasta Division. Until the 1950s steam engines still pushed trains up the mountains towards Oregon. This book helps capture the atmosphere of that era, and the photographs truly show the grandeur of the mighty locomotives and of the entire complex of buildings, stations,† rails, and men who made things work.
††††† This book may help those who have difficulty understanding why so many people are railroad buffs. The shear size of the undertaking of maintaining a mountain railroad is captured in text and picture.† Many of the photographs show Mount Shasta. One caption, for example, reads "Twin helpers in action, late 1940s: They're boosting an eastbound freight beneath the watchful white peaks of Mt. Shasta. Southern Pacific photo" (p. 30). Other Mount Shasta photographs are found on p. 70, p. 74, and p. 87. Contains a glossary of railroad terms on pp. 130-131.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS342].

[MS18].††††††††† Obert, Karl.† This is California.† Munich-Pullach: Ludwig Simon, 1958? Also published in a German language edition entitled 'Kaliforien,' in 1958.†††† Book contains full-page black and white high quality photographs including those entitled entitled: 'Mount Shasta from Sacramento River' (p. 148); 'Castle Crag' (p. 149); 'Mount Shasta' (p. 153); 'Shasta Dam, largest in California' (p.151); 'Mount Lassen from Reflection Lake' (p. 154), etc. Obert is a professional photographer whose style is reminiscent of Ansel Adams. The book was printed in Germany and is undated, circa 1960.††††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS18].

[MS280].††††††††† Onthank, Don. Mount Shasta Southwest Side from Sand Flat [photograph]. In: Mazama: A Record of Mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest. 1969. p. [90]. 75th Anniversary Issue†††† Full-page photograph by Onthank, one of a series in a feature titled 'Giants of the Northwest: Portraits of the Sixteen Major Peaks.'†† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS280].

[MS42].††††††††† Palmquist, Peter E.† The Photographers of Siskiyou County, California, 1850-1920.† 1978. Photocopy. Unpublished typewritten manuscript. 1978 revision. 7pp.†††† Six page alphabetical list of approximately 150 photographers and studios, each entry with corresponding dates and locations of employment. Each photographer listed here worked or photographed in Siskiyou County at least briefly sometime between 1850 and 1920. Many of these photographers took pictures of Mount Shasta. Peter E. Palmquist is a well-known photography historian and is the author of many books on the photographers of the West.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS42].

[MS706].††††††††† Palmquist, Peter E. Silver Plates Among the Goldfields: The Photographers of Siskiyou County 1850-1906. In: California History: The Magazine of the California Historical Society. June, 1986. Vol. 65. No. 2. pp. 114-124. This article is about famed photographer Carlton Watkins's assignment to photograph Mt. Shasta.† Clarence King led the 40th Parallel Geological Survey and hired Watkins as the official photographer. A Watkins photograph of Mt. Shasta accompanies the article.
††††† This article also presents biographical information about Samuel Franklin Emmons, an assistant geologist also working on the expedition at Mt. Shasta (p. 154). 28. Art: Photography.† [MS706].

[MS2130].††††††††† Reading, Eleanor Lee. Shasta's Scenic Mosaic. In: ? Sept. 1927. pp.17-22. Loose pages, no name of newspaper given.††† Travel guide to Mt. Shasta, primarily interesting for its detailed photographs. Photographic studies of Mt. Shasta and Black Butte by Charles M. Hiller.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2130].

[MS1149].††††††††† Rokeach, Barrie.† Timescapes: California from the Air: Photographs and Text By Barrie Rokeach.† Englewood, Colo.: Westcliffe Publishers, Inc., no date. Contains 3 fine art photographs of Mt. Shasta as seen from above. The author is a pilot and photographer.†††† 28. Art: Photography††††††††† .† [MS1149].

[MS53].††††††††† [Siskiyou County Historical Society]. Mount Shasta, 1910 [photograph]. In: The Siskiyou Pioneer in Folklore, Fact and Fiction and Yearbook. Siskiyou County Historical Society (Weed Issue). 1967. Vol. 3. No. 10. An exceptional fold-out reproduction of a photograph of Mount Shasta, as seen from the north with the Weed Lumber Company mill in the foreground. The photo is dated July, 1910.† This particular photograph demonstrates both the grandeur of Mount Shasta and the magnitude of the lumber operations of the Weed mill (inside front cover)
††††† This issue of the Siskiyou Pioneer also contains a fold-out pocket map of the town of Sisson as it was in 1913, reproduced from an original map. The map sheet also contains a reproduction of a panorama photograph of Mount Shasta as seen from the southwest, with the town of Sisson in the foreground (inside front cover)
††††† Contains several other reproductions of photographs of Mount Shasta, and also contains dozens of articles about early years in Weed. 28. Art: Photography.† [MS53].

[MS193].††††††††† [Southern Pacific Company?].† Wonderful California .† Chicago, Ill.: Curt Teich and Co., 1900? Brown cover with steam engine, palm and orange trees, and mountains embossed on cover. 8 &1/2 inches high by 11 & 1/2 inches wide. String binding.†††† States on title page "For sale en route on the trains on the Shasta Route." Contains 22 pages of pasted-on color photographs. No text except a two-page introduction. Includes the following Shasta region photos:† P.6-"Sacramento River and Mt. Shasta, from Castella."† P.7-"Castle Crags in Sacramento Canyon."† P.8-"Mossbrae Falls at Shasta Springs."† P.9-"Shasta Springs."† P.10-"Cantara Loop, 18th Crossing, Sacramento River."† P.11-"Sisson at the Base of Mount Shasta."† P.12-(two page panorama) "Panorama of Mount Shasta and Black Butte."† P.13-"Mount Shasta from Point near Edgewood."†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS193].

[MS341].††††††††† Sutherland, Neil.† Mount Shasta [photographs]. In: Harris, Bill.† Northern California: Land of Many Dreams.† New York: Crescent Books, 1985. pp. 82-90.†† Large format 'coffee table' type book with color photographs. The series of Mount Shasta photographs by Sutherland include views from Highway 97, from Highway I-5 in the Shasta Valley (which is also the dust jacket back cover photo), from the south shore of Lake Siskiyou, and from Gumboot Creek.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS341].

[MS2216].††††††††† Taber, Isaiah West 1830-1912.† Mount Shasta [photograph].† circa 1900. According to several sources, including the Bancroft Library, Taber acquired the negatives of Carleton Watkins. Thus photographs printed by Taber under his name could actually have been originally photographed by Taber or Watkins. Taber had a gallery on Montgomery Street in San Francisco. He is one of the best known early California photographers.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2216].

[MS727].††††††††† Tibbitts, H. C.† Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County [photograph]. In: Elder, Paul.† California the Beautiful: Camera Studies by California Artists with Selections in Prose and Verse from Western Writers.† San Francisco, Calif.: Paul Elder and Company Publishers, 1911. p. 73.†† H. C. Tibbitts was a professional photographer of the California landscape. This particular photograph is full-page, and tipped-in. The caption reads "Majestic Mt. Shasta, in isolated grandeur, rises 14,000 feet from the level of the sea, dominating the landscape during many hours of travel with its silver-crowned serenity."†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS727].

[MS85].††††††††† United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service.† Sheet No. 32. In: Soil Survey of Siskiyou County, California, Central Part.† Washington, D. C.: United States Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, 1983. Separate sheet.†† Unbound package of materials.†††† Excellent photograph, approximately 30' by 20' showing details of Black Butte and Mount Shasta City, plus slopes east of these landmarks. Roads and logging clear cuts are especially detailed. Accompanying booklet contains a soil's bibliography.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS85].

[MS2069].††††††††† Watkins, Carleton E.† Untitled Photograph [Mount Shasta and Shastina, Siskiyou County,; about 12 miles from Sheep Rock]. In: Ostroff, Eugene.† Western Views and Eastern Visions.† Washington: Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service with the cooperation of the United States Geological Society, 1981. 118 p, ill., 28 cm.†† Catalog for a traveling† exhibition, 1981. One photograph dated 1870 of Mount Shasta† taken from the east side of the Shasta Valley, on page 114.†††† An unusual early view of Mount Shasta because of the east Shasta Valley vantage point. This photo as taken as part of the King Survey.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2069].

[MS252].††††††††† Watkins, Carleton E. 1829-1916.† Commencement of the Whitney Glacier, Summit of Mount Shasta [photograph]. In: Palmquist, Peter E.† Carleton E. Watkins: Photographer of the American West.† Albuquerque, N.M.: Amon Carter Museum and the University of New Mexico Press, 1983. Plate No. 45.†† Carleton Watkins was one of the West's great 19th century photographers. The photo of the Whitney glacier is one of a celebrated series of Watkins photographs of Mount Shasta taken systematically around and on the mountain during the 40th Parallel Survey in 1870, Clarence King in charge. For this particular photograph Watkins had to carry a heavy load of equipment high onto Mount Shasta. King had insisted on using Watkins: "....$3,000 dollars for the summer's work. This is very high in price but he is by far the most skillful operator in America" (p. 42).
††††† Also appearing in this book is a well-known photograph of the survey's "Camp at Mt. Shasta," with quotations from King about camp life at Sisson's in the company of photographer Watkins and artist Gilbert Munger (pp. 40 -41). They spent six weeks in the Mount Shasta region.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS252].

[MS2162].††††††††† Watkins, Carleton photographer.† Mount Shasta No. 2 [photograph]. In:† Cahn, Robert and Ketchum, Robert Glenn.† American Photographers and the National Parks.† New York; Washington, D.C.: Viking Press; National Park Foundation, 1981. 144;† [36] p; ill. (some col.); 33 cm.1 v.: ill: 29 cm.†† "Outgrowth of a photographic exhibition sponsored by the National Park Foundation." Photographs by Ansel Adams, William Bell, Dave Bohn, Anee Brigman, Harry Callahan, William Clift, Imogen Cunningham, George Fiske, Lee Friedlander, William Garnett, Laura Gilpin, John K. Hillers, William Henry Jackson, Charles V. Janda, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Joel Meyerowitz, Roger Minick, Richard Misrach, Boone Morrison, David Mussina, Eadweard J. Muybridge, Ted Orland, Timothy O'Sullivan, John Pfahl, Eliot Porter, Gail Skoff, Michael A. Smith, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Carleton E. Watkins, Brett Weston, Edward Weston, Minor White and Don Worth. Moss Brae (Mossbrae) Falls, near Mt. Shasta / William Henry Jackson -- Mount Shasta No.2 / Carleton E. Watkins -- Rocks and Snow, Mount Lassen (Lassen Peak) / Don Worth.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS2162].

[MS250].††††††††† Weston, Edward 1886-1958.† Mount Shasta [photograph]. In: Weston, Charis Wilson and Weston, Edward 1886-1958.† California and the West.† New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1940. 'A U. S. Camera Book with Ninety-six Photographs'. Third Printing. 127 pp. plus 96 plates. Note that a new edition of the book was published in 1978, with only 64 plates, in which the photograph of Mount Shasta was not reprinted.†††† Contains a photograph of Mount Shasta (following p. 112) as seen from the north. This is a book of photographs by Edward Weston. The book resulted from a project commissioned by the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1937, giving Edward Weston 12 months and two thousand dollars to complete "The making of a series of photographs of the West."
††††† The text was written by Weston's wife. She writes about a cold October at the Lava beds and Glass Mountain and then about driving west, as "Mount Shasta dodged in and out of view, growing larger and higher with each reappearance, until we came around directly under its bow....Our first act on reaching Yreka that afternoon was to march on a drygoods store and purchase two suits of long woolen underwear. In the Lava Beds we had both worn three shirts and three pairs of sox simultaneously, though Edward had not sunk to my degraded practice of keeping pajamas on under my clothes throughout the day" (p.97).
††††† Note that Edward Weston has become one of the most important figures in the history of photography. In the late 1980s an original photograph by Edward Weston, not of Mount Shasta however, attained the honor of being sold at auction for a world record price for a single photograph, selling for well over a hundred thousand dollars.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS250].

[MS178].††††††††† Withrow, Shasta Sherri.† Mountains: A Collection of Poems and Photography.† Klamath Falls, Ore.: Graphic Press, 1985. Contains two color photographs of Mount Shasta. The poems are an expression of the author's appreciation of life, nature, and God.†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS178].

[MS227].†††††††† †Wright, Robert I.† A Patterson Postcard Checklist / Workbook.† [Ashland, Ore.]: [the author], 1986, plus update sheets 1993. The photographer Frank Patterson was undoubtedly the most prolific northern California and southern Oregon postcard photographer of the 1920s and 1930s. This 50-page checklist, only partially complete, contains about 3000 titles of Patterson's photographic postcards including nearly 100 of Mount Shasta. One unusual southern Oregon title is of† "Joaquin Miller's chapel at Oregon Caves." Note that Joaquin Miller visited and wrote a story in 1909 about the Caves (see Miller 1909).†††† 28. Art: Photography.† [MS227].


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