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Mount Shasta
Annotated Bibliography


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This is an annotated bibliography of the Mount Shasta volcano in northern California. The bibliography is funded principally by the McConnell Foundation of Redding, California. Their support of this kind of project is new, unusual, and greatly appreciated.

Listings include books, articles, maps, manuscripts, and some audiovisual items which pertain to the history, natural history, social history, arts, spiritual interests, and current events that surround the mountain.

The bibliography is selective rather than comprehensive. Only those items which contribute new information or insights to the study of Mount Shasta and its environs are included. Whenever possible, the original document which provides the first telling of facts, legends, etc., is listed. Subsequent editions and reprintings may be referred to, but are generally not listed separately unless they were the only editions available, or if they contributed some additional value to the bibliography. In some cases a later edition was used because it was the only one available.

The College of the Siskiyous Library has chosen "Shasta" as the subject of a special research collection because of the important role the mountain has in the educational programs of the College and its students. Most of the items listed in the bibliography, as well as hundreds of other Shasta items, can be found in the library's special collection. Most of these materials are accessible to visiting researchers as well as through the interlibrary loan service.

This bibliography is a gateway to the study of natural and human phenomena. As such, this bibliography should serve as a unique and valuable resource for students, researchers, and writers who want to locate the source materials of regional history, science, ethnology, mythology, and humanities.

The author and compiler of this work, William Miesse, is a man I have known and admired for many years. It is fitting that Mr. Miesse should have the honor and responsibility of evaluating these materials and providing a path for further research and discovery. For many years Mr. Miesse has researched many of the topics included here. Because of his extensive experience as a researcher, writer, historian, collector and dealer in rare books and art, one could easily classify his skill in any one of these areas. It is clear that Mr. Miesse has a unique ability to link ideas and information found in these documents in a way few others could.

While I wish I could say that this work is finished, I know it isn't. There are many documents yet to be discovered. Due to time constraints a number of items are listed without annotations because they could not yet be obtained for evaluation. Others have been located in distant archives and collections where policies do not allow for copies to be made. Whenever possible, locations of these scarce materials is given. I am sure there will be new facts unearthed and new perspectives gained that will soon render many of these descriptions obsolete. And so it should be. Any bibliography, including this one, is a stepping stone to further exploration and discovery.

I hope this bibliography will serve you as a map and guide to the documents and literature of Mount Shasta.

Dennis Freeman
Director - Library and Media Services
College of the Siskiyous

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