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John Muir

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John Muir, 1890 courtesy of the Mount Shasta Collection According to William Miesse, John Muir made more than a dozen separate trips to the Mount Shasta region between 1874 and 1914. Muir's 1888 article, "Mount Shasta," is really a collection of previously published articles mixed with additional text. Published as a chapter in Picturesque California, the work is most comprehensive and is accompanied by a number of beautiful illustrations. Also included in the work is an account of Muir's near demise on the summit of Shasta during a storm in 1875. An earlier telling of his night on Shasta, titled "Snow-storm on Mount Shasta," appeared in Harper's New Monthly Magazine of September 1877.

"Shasta in Winter," a much shorter article, but still of great interest, details Muir's first ascent of the mountain. Originally published in the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin of December 2, 1874, the writing is lively and is the equal of any in the genre. Two other relevant articles appearing in the Daily Evening Bulletin include "Shasta Bees" and "Salmon-Breeding."


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