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Home of the Mount Shasta Collection and the Technology Learning Center at College of the Siskiyous
Mount Shasta and the Learning Resource Center at College of the Siskiyous

Linda Freeman and Michael Roesch, the Technology Learning Center (TLC) staff at the College of the Siskiyous, were the impetus behind the start of the Mount Shasta Companion project. Recognizing both the significance of the mountain to local educators and such a project's potential benefit to local students and community, they asked College of the Siskiyous to apply for a Fund for Instructional Improvement grant from the California Commmunity Colleges Chancellor's Office. The awarding of the grant allowed the TLC to purchase supplies for the project, provide stipends to thematic unit authors, and helped to make a great idea a reality.

The TLC's primary day-to-day function is to help COS faculty incorporate technology into the curriculum to improve student retention and success. The TLC proper consists of a small instructional computer lab outfitted with the latest technology. Getting ready to start its fourth year at COS, the TLC has become a popular resource. In fact, during the last year more than 80% of the college's fulltime faculty came to the TLC for assistance in such areas as putting course material online, instruction in software use, and how to best use scanners and digital cameras. A significant number of part-time faculty, classified staff, administrators, and community members also sought assistance at the TLC. Originally funded by a California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Fund for Student Success grant, the TLC is now solely supported by the College of the Siskiyous.

Besides the needed funds from the Chancellor's Office, the Mount Shasta Companion project received overwhelming support from the College of the Siskiyous. The college provided all the equipment, workspace, and technology support for the project. College staff also volunteered time, donated equipment, and freely offered their expertise to the project.


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