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Each and every contributor to the Mount Shasta Project retains copyright to their text and images. The material found in this presentation may only be used for non-profit, educational use. Further, graphics may be utilized only if they are found in the Maps and Graphics section. Inclusion of images in the Maps and Graphics section indicates that permission for non-profit, educational use has been granted by the copyright holder. A maximum of five (5) images from this project may be used in any given single report prepared by an individual. Class projects are limited to a total of twenty-five (25) images. Always credit the author/artist in your work and include this presentation in your bibliography. Please see the Special Contributors page for further information about purchasing images or using them in commercial projects.

This project as a whole is owned and copyrighted by College of the Siskiyous. Students and staff at the College may use the images on the college website, in presentations, or in reports. The same restrictions apply as listed above.

All thirty school districts in Siskiyou County will receive a free CD of this project. Any proceeds made from the sale of this CD are solely for the purchase of materials for the Mount Shasta Collection in the College of the Siskiyous Library.

If we have inadvertantly infringed upon your copyright, please let us know so that the material can be removed from the website.


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