Dave Clarke

MY JOB: I teach Human Anatomy (BIO 2700), Human Physiology (BIO 2800), Human Biology (BIO 1500 and BIO BIO 1501), and Introduction to Life Sciences (BIO 1000). Click here for pages for most of my classes.
I attended Southwestern Community College in the San Diego area and completed my general education requirements there. After taking a break from school to work as a seasonal firefighter for the Forest Service, I returned to California State University at Stanislaus and completed my BS in Biology. Another stint in the real world, this time as a construction worker, sent me scurrying back to school. This time I attended San Diego State University and in 1989, received my MS in Molecular Biology.

TEACHING BACKGROUND: Upon graduation, I decided my future was in teaching. For the next seven years, I taught a variety of classes at most of the colleges in the San Diego area. I've been here at COS since 1996.

MISCELLANY: I spent two summers ('93 and '94) running a field research crew on the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska for the Global Change Research Group at SDSU. This group works on carbon cycling. See their webpage at http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/GCRG! For fun I play volleyball, bicycle, ski, camp, and go to Baja to kayak, snorkel, and fall asleep in the middle of the day.

Dogs - Niko and Toby
Cat - Pepe
Cat - Pulga